Watchbear BellaDonna

October 23 1998 - November 20, 2001

Bella was the once in a lifetime girl. A majestic Landseer Newfoundland, with a beautiful loving face who spoke volumes with her eyes, she brought me from being a pet owner to being a dog lover. Her essence touched many lives as she visited nursing homes and schools, offering fragile beings an opportunity to share her soft coat and happy face. Bella loved her family of humans and dogs. If not for the monster that lurked within her, she would have enjoyed years of love and companionship. We laid on the floor with her when she seized and held her as she came out of every series. When the monster was not there, the *all* of her radiated out of her. The monster finally created enough of a barrier that we could no longer reach our beloved took her brain with fire and pain. Our last great act of love was to hold her, once more, as the vet assisted her over the bridge. This dog cracked open my stone heart and taught me how to love. She is who came to me, as a pup, after my father died and helped ease the pain of that loss with the hugeness of her life. I will never be the same and for this I am so grateful. My bella...we will all miss you. Thank you baby girl...wait for me. I
will come to rest myself someday..until then, rest under the halo of our oak tree. Run with the horses in the pasture and chase the squirrels in the woods. Lap cool water from the stream and play with all the other boys and girls on that side of the bridge. When I come, run to me and bark your
unmistakable gutteral moan that once announced your joy that I am home. I will listen for it when I pass...Good night sweet girl...we love you so....



Teah, Lee & Lizzie



WTCH Leander's Kazy Bar the Door, Rs


9/26/91 - 11/18/01

Kazy (pronounced K.Z.) learned a lot about and taught his daddy a lot about herding (along with patience and unconditional love). In the process, he earned his ASCA herding titles of Working Dog Trial Champion (WTCH) and ranch trial champion on sheep (Rs). When he was "on stock" he was happy to be able to do what he was bred for - herding live stock. He had a "strong motor" that never quit even when he was tired. Even on the drugs, he handled it all so well. His last opportunity to "do his thing" was just a few months ago to bring stock out of the arena after others dogs had run an AKC trial course - he was so proud of himself.

We teasingly call him Dr. Jekel & Mr. Hyde because he truly had two personalities - a sweet, loving "big guy" who unconditionally loved us at home and a strong single minded herding dog when working stock (ducks, goats, sheep or cattle).

He was our "Mr. Dependable". He would do anything we asked him. He would communicate to us all the time. He knew we knew what he was asking us.

We have, since Kazy's death, watched videos of him growing up. Seeing him young and active, before the disease showed up, helps us smile inside, thru a few tears still, but smiles will freely come again. We had a lot of really good years together - he was a happy dog.

We miss him dearly. We know he is happily herding live stock at Rainbow Bridge while waiting to once again greet us when we arrive. Love you, Kazy.

Gary and Donna



December 14 1988 - Nov 29 2001

Waiting for Rosemary





Frodo Baggins

1 October 1988 - 5 December 2001

Frodo lived the first 11 years and 2 months of his life as a bouncy,
excitable puppy who'd forgotten to grow up. He woke in the morning
thinking that every day was going to be the best day ever, and
everything he was going to do would be great. He expected to be loved
by everyone and charmed all whom he met. He was so gentle that he would
let 2 yr old children play catch the dog's tongue...there was no
aggression in him. He liked to fetch slippers and although he couldn't
swim he loved muddy puddles. Of course he loved food, his favourite meal
being curry and chips (French fries) and he particularly loved holidays,
squealing with delight when we arrived at our destination.

Frodo had an amazing understanding of the English language and liked to
believe he was human. His aim in life was to be happy and to make
others happy. He was for everyone what they wanted him to be, a
plaything and walking companion to my brother, a gentle friend to our
parents, a pillow for our nephews and niece, and an only child to us.
He supported me through the worst time of my life with perfect empathy
and without judging. I knew what he was thinking and he knew what I was

His epilepsy came on suddenly, possibly the result of a stroke, and it
caused him to be lethargic and weakened his back legs. But he remained
very stoic and extremely content for the remaining 23 months of his
life, developing a love of gardens and continuing to enjoy his holidays
to the full. His gentle nature remained to the very end. He was simply
a big, handsome, cuddly teddy bear with an attitude to life that we can
only admire.

Waiting for Fiona and Chris



Highmount's Naughty by Nature


3/18/1996 - 12/7/2001

The magnificent "Beau". This young, beautiful dog is best remembered for his sparkling personality. He literally loved everyone (not a typical Belgian Sheepdog trait). In true character with the breed, "Beau" had an intense love of his owner who reciprocated this love and is, to this day, devastated by his loss.

Beau eagerly put up with a great deal of teasing from his littermate "Belle" who always ran faster and jumped and tugged on his mane unmercifully -- but he loved it. He never growled at her and always gave up the best seat in the
house, if Belle wanted it.

Beau was a full-tooth "smiler". One of the fondest memories of him is the day someone left the gate open of the new backyard fence. His owner dashed out the gate, fearing the worst (being located close to a major highway). She called him twice. All of a sudden he flew across the street and raced into her with this amazing broad, very sheepish grin. He had been visiting the dog next door. She hugged and kissed him and picked him up and carried him back to the house. It's amazing the physical strength you have when it comes to your beloved pets. Needless to say, the gate was never left open again.

"Beau, you left us way too soon, young, man, but we understand. You left our
broken hearts behind. We will love you forever!

We look forward to the day that we reunite forever at the bridge.

waiting for

Elda, Vern & Belle




8/96 -12/1/01

Brandy was an epilepsy success story. Because of all I learned on this list, Brandy went from having clusters every few days to 359 days seizure free. We conquered the epilepsy, it was lymphoma that took my 5 year old boy from me . But I do not want him remembered for his epilepsy, nor his lymphoma. We need to remember him for the things he loved... Jelly Sticks, sitting on Mom's lap, swimming, riding in a car, his big sister Sasha, playing with Jessica, ice cream, running in the water, boat rides, taking Dad's spot in bed, a good bone, walks in the woods, walks anywhere ! Brandy was good natured and loyal, sweet and loving. He was a spoiled little boy, who never let his problems interfere with his life. He took his medications willingly. He trusted me implicitly.

What then, can you do for one who loves and trusts so freely and willingly, but let them go when the time has come, no matter how much it hurts the one who is left behind ?.

With Angels Pal & Sasha



Beth & Steve



Tu Tu

9/1999 - 12/8/2001

Oh Tu Tu, you started out being Too Too small. Then you became Too Too cute and stayed that way.
In your short life, you warmed the hearts of many and gave everyone you knew a good laugh. You didn't know that you only weighed 4.5 lbs and you thought you could fight anything. We fought this monster so hard but it
took you away from me. You are sorely missed.

Waiting for Lorraine


1997- 12/8/2001
Pyncheon you were the most squeezable little creature. We can hardly go on without your little face. are you lying in the sun waiting for us at the rainbow bridge? Do they give you cheese popcorn up there? You will always be our little baby! we love you like crazy!
Nikki & Lane



12/15/96 - 12/15/01

Phenobarb induced Liver Disease
Went to the Bridge 4 months after diagnosis


Those eyes-soulfull & knowing - came to me out of prayer.
I needing you-you needing me. GOD bringing us together.

What lessons you taught, what joy you gave,
what Strength & Courage you showed.

Each day a miracle, you by my side.
Enjoying each day to the fullest.

You touched my "HEART" ~ you made me smile....

I will miss YOU forever Sadie~my Sweet Pea girl !!!!

Until we meet again

9/19/96 - 12/28/2001
Rusty, my little Wiggledy Bum, you didn't deserve the hand that you were
dealt. You were the sweetest little guy, never once complaining as you
struggled to have as normal a life as possible. Every time you fell, you
just got up and kept on going, inspiring us every day with your courage.
You loved every person and every dog you met; I never once heard you growl
at anyone in anger. Our years together were too short but an angel came and
called your name. Someday our tears will dry and we'll remember only the
good times. Until we meet again little guy, we love you,
Laila, Maris and Buddy
3/11/93 - 12/30/01
Reilly - You were my first dog. You will always have a special place in my heart. You brought tremendous joy and happiness to my life. I will try to remember only the good times we had together. I will miss you every day and wish you much happiness until we meet again.

1992 - 2001
How sweet you were!...and elegant and clever. You were the honest and gentle
center of our little pack. When I think of all you taught me, it takes my
breath away. Miss you always, Nonie.
Andi, Bobby and Ava

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