July 1992 -Jan 1st 2002

Dear little Susie, you were so brave, even when the cancer took away one of you rear legs you never flinched. You learned to jump onto the counter and steal our food, you could outrun the dogs when they decided to chase you. You were devoted to Angel Max and I know you are now with him cuddled up and free from the pain of the last few hours. We had hoped we had given you a few more years instead it was 5 months. You left us so quickly, we weren't ready, yesterday you seemed fine and now today our hearts are breaking.

Emma will miss you, as will your "sisters" Maria and Lucy. Even Rosie and Tessa are very quiet today. I missed your little paw coming round the door whilst I was in the shower, the way you always said hello to me fist thing in the morning. We will never forget you.

"If tears could build a starway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up
to heaven and bring you home again."

~ Unknown Author ~

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with Angel Max


Marion, Terry, Maria, Lucy, Emma, Tessa and Rosie



Sir Budwizer

2/1/98 - 1/2/02

Always on my mind and forever in my heart!!!






The Resplendent One
August 7, '98 - January 13, '02






Brenda and Wayne




October 1 995 - January 19 2002

Always in my heart, forever on my mind



July 30, 1987 - January 23, 2002

Little Sassy, you came into our home and hearts, a tiny little palm-sized bundle of fuzz. Underweight, malnurished, full of fleas, with a liver condition and eye condition...the vet said it might be best just to put you down. You had been with us only 2 days, but Mom said no, we loved you too much already. And so began our 14 year journey with you.

The seizures you had all your life, the special diet and care you needed, they were such a small part of who you were. We will always smile when we remember the love you gave, and laugh when we remember the trouble you made. After baths, your wild frazzles, running through the house. How excited you always were to "help" with doing laundry. The way you would curl up for hours with Jamie when he played video games. How you would "fly" off the deck to chase the birds, but the time you found a hurt baby bird, you pointed to where he was and then gave him gentle kisses. And we'll never forget the day you tore across the street intending to do battle with a doberman, only to get there, look up at her, and then run home with with a look of terror on your little face.

You were an energetic, spunky little girl. Your name fit you well, as you were full of sass. You were loyal and devoted to us, and we miss you dearly. To the end, your health problems, which by then included arthritis and heart failure as well, never took away your joy and zest for life. We will always love and remember you, Sassy.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for
Debbie, Joe, Mandy, Nikki, and Jamie




March 2, 1998 - January 30, 2002


Winston, you came into my life when I wasn't ready for another dog. I met you while walking in the park. You were walking with your mom. I said "cute dog" and your mom offered you to me. She couldn't keep you any longer. You entered my life and my heart. Your mom became my good friend and became known as your step mom.

You were a difficult puppy and you never stopped acting like one. You were always hyper and no amount of playing or walking could tire you out. You woke me every morning at 4:00 am and taught me to love very early walks. Even when you were weak from medicine and would fall over while standing still, you would run as fast as a bullet chasing balls and running in the park. You were more stable when running than when you were standing still. Maybe that was because you loved to be on the move.

You were so stubborn, determined, and smart. You learned that throwing your Kong up in the air would cause the food shoved inside to fall out upon hitting the floor. I miss many things about you but perhaps that is what I miss the most.

You were unique in appearance and personality. You didn't like everyone and some didn't like you. But those you chose to love, loved you with all their hearts. You were not quite four when you left my life. I wasn't ready for you to leave. You were my baby boy and part of me died when you did. I will always remember you and love you. Look for me when my time comes; I will be looking for you.










Cdn/Int Ch. Inharmony's Dancin Up A Storm CD, WPD, WTD, CGC


Jan 11, 1996 - Feb 19, 2002

It is with the saddest of hearts that I write this to you all. After battling with seizures for almost 2 years now, we lost that battle today. Dancer is finally free of this terrible disease. During the time she was a seizure dog she lived each day to it's fullest, always with a wagging tail, a big toothy Malamute smile and silly antics that never failed to make me laugh.

Since the onset of seizures April 2000, Dancer finished her International Championship, competed and placed at the Group level in Canada, and sitting at 15 points, was one major from her American Championship. She earned her Companion Dog Obedience Title with no less than the highest score in her class, her Canine Good Citizenship title, and together we hiked the back country of British Columbia to earn her Working Pack Dog Title. It was just a couple of weeks ago that she finished the final 10 mile leg of her Working Team Dog Title.

That was her last time out in harness and it is is how I will remember her. A brilliantly sunny day, snow crisp, white and glittering like a million tiny diamonds, surrounded by the beauty of Mountains at the Stampede Pass, Wa. And for a moment all was perfect as she turned to look at me with that wonderful smile, snow crusted on her muzzle, and then she looked forward, put her head down and shoulder into her harness and we were off. Yes, we had the time of our lives, Dancer and I.

Six years was not long enough a time to spend with this wonderful dog. But she made the most of it, and if I had it to do all over again, the only thing I would change is the disease that took her from me.


"And now, I'm glad I didn't know
the way it all would end
the way it all would go.
Our lives, better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I'd a had to miss the Dance"
......Garth Brooks, The Dance


Rest in Peace, Brave Heart


Waiting for Gwen



Our beloved Sophie
1990 - Feb 28, 2002
To our wolf dog, a flower digging sassy gazelle dog with a sweet and gentle spirit but always our protector.
Sophie developed seizures in November 2002 due to a brain tumor and was helped to the Bridge Feb 28 by Shelley and Ken who satyed with you until you were gone.
How does 12 years go by so quickly??
We found you at Scout camp and brought you home to Dylan the at who owned the whole house and everything in it and Lady Chelsea Rae, a
black Labrador , who quickly became your sister and best friend.
Even though we know you are running happy and free, we will forever miss you. there is a hole in our home and hearts only you could fill. Thank you for 12 years of unconditional love and loyalty to the bitter end!
All our love
Ken, Shelley, Kirbey, Chelsea and new kitty Teddy and new puppy Tucker




March 3 2002
Waiting for Victoria and Jim
March 10, 1994 - March 4, 2002
Sometimes, Kelsey, I still call out your name, hoping the bad dream will go away and you are really still here. Steve and I loved you so. Such a happy little boy. Always so full of life. There is so much quiet here without you. July 10, 1994, we brought home a very special Pound puppy. Only one week later, Parvo struck. But Kelsey had people who loved him, and he recovered. This beautiful little German Shepherd-mix would add the moon and the stars to our lives.
July 4, 1996:
Kelsey gave us a terrible scare with his first seizure. His medicine controlled the seizures so that his remaining years held very few bad moments. We felt blessed. February 21, 2002: Kelsey's balance was off. An ultrasound revealed cirrhosis of the liver. For the next week and a half, both of us were with Kelsey around the clock.
March 4, 2002:
Our brave little soldier lost his battle.
Kelsey would play growly-barks with his buddy Emma every single time they went out. He'd let much-bigger Barkley know who was in charge. He loved to have his chest rubbed. He loved to steal our dinner napkins, whether we still needed them or not. He'd always grab a mouthful of nuggets when it was time to go out. Kelsey never turned down a snack. He had the most handsome dark brown & black coat, and a short lamb's tail. He had baby brown eyes and cute little ears that perked up like airplane wings when he was on alert. He loved to start a "bark-fest" or have a good ole howl. He liked to stand in the doggie pool and have a good long drink. A stretch on the couch for a nap. He was very kind to all the little kitties that shared his world. And oh, maybe most of all, how he loved his Steve. Kelsey was our "K-Man".
On that last Monday, when the time had come, we told him what a good boy he was and how much we loved him. We told him that his buddies Dudley, Livvy, Gilda and Sheila were waiting for him, and he'd be OK now. And then our bravest, sweetest little boy Kelsey fell asleep. Kelsey only had 8 years. But oh boy, weren't we the lucky ones to live in a world with Kelsey in it!
Irene & Steve Hart, and buddies Emma & Barkley
(aka Clicky Toes)
October 16, 1991- April 1 2002

Alfie, you were my little baby love muffin. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through. I am so sorry we could not make you better. You suffered from so many things. You were my absolute soulmate and I miss you so very much. You used to follow me around everywhere and I was never out of your sight. The day before your surgery for an adrenal gland tumor, I took you and your best friend Heidi for a walk. You had loved it so. At the end of the walk, you had looked up at me and slowed and I knew you were tired. The Cushing's had left your back legs so weak. So mommy carried you all the rest of the way home. You were so happy listening to the birdies and being in the sunshine. I later held you in my chair by the computer which I spent so much time on trying to find ways to make you better. The sun was coming in the window on us and you were so content just to be with me. I will cherish that forever.

I miss you when helicopters go over, you used to chase them in the backyard. We miss the way you would smile at us when we came home. You used to wait for me at the top of the stairs to carry you back down.  Your memories are all over the house. We used to call you "Clicky Toes" because of the way your feet clicked on the floors. You would come wagging your tail so happy when we would say that. I wished I could have held you one more time. I miss you so Baby dog! You will always be my little love muffin and in my heart. We all miss you terribly!
Waiting for
Lisa & Jeff Winstead
Heidi and Cassie
Dallas, TX
September 1998 - April 2002
Your laughing face will always be imprinted on our hearts! You have taught
us so much and we can't wait to see you again!

Kathy and Janie
1995 - April 8, 2002
I loved you with all my heart and soul there is a huge emptiness with your passing
April 11, 1993 - April 9, 2002
Myatuk started his battle in 1996. This was my first exposure to a canine seizure. I only knew what to do for a person so that is what I did for Myatuk. Between the hugs and my scared shaking I told him how much he scared me. We took him to the vet and he was just put on Pb. It was not till I joined the Epil - K9 list that learned of the importantance of bloodwork. I was lucky in that Myatuk was not a cluster dog. He was the best untrained dog I have ever had. He brought the water dish if it was empty or almost empty. He never ran off. He would shake his head back and forth and bark. He was funny. He gave us heck when we were to slow letting him out and he gave us heck for being to slow letting him in. He was a true family member.


Myatuk oh Myatuk
Where have gone?
You left me feeling so alone.

You will be with friends
It is not the end
I will shed my tears
For I really care

You loved to sing songs
To let everyone know
You were very strong
And how much you belong.
Your favorite spots are hollow
I want so much to find you
I see your reflection in your son and daughter
But they are only part of you
You left our family lonely and sad
We want you back so bad
You can never be replaced
You were one of a kind
You left a big hole
In our hearts and souls
Your time was cut short
That really truly hurts
The vet failed her mission
They want me back but they can keep wishing
Myatuk oh Myatuk
We love and miss you so
Terri & Bruce
Dec. 13. 1993 - May 29, 2002

Nugget, our little "Nug Bug". We wish we could hold & cuddle you again. That was all you ever wanted in the last few months. It wasn't that long ago that you were barking at everyone in the neighborhood, eating everything in sight, and playing ball all day long. You left us too soon. You were such a sweet, brave boy - never so much as a whimper all the many times you were sick. We miss you so much. We're hoping it won't be too long that we can smile through our tears when we think of all the silly things you did. You will forever be in our hearts, and what lonely hearts they are now.
Pat & Ron
Baker Street Bit o'Beryl, CGC, TDI
April 10, 1995 - May 31, 2001
Maddy, Madeleine, Doodle Bump, Baby Girl, Pupums, Hogwarts Graduate, Little Bit. So many names, so many faces / guises; we miss them all. I hope there are lots of little kids to play with at the Bridge; you'll be happy then. And water hoses to chase, and plants to "chomp." Maybe there's even a flight of carpeted stairs to slide down, head first (marking the paint on the wall on the way ... but we never cared about that). And ice cream and strawberries for dessert, every single night!
Sleep well.
Jan 2001 - June 11,2002.
You crept into my heart with a belly rub and kisses. You slept in my lap holding your stuffed bear or your head on my shoulder and played in the water hose in the sun. I will always have that and will always see it in my mind, wait at the bridge for me little monkey and we'll do it again someday.
Mommy, Epi Happi, Natsu, Sable and Kitaro.




March 3-19 2002 - June 22 2002

EPI baby from a sinus  infection that caused encephalitis ( she was a little Angel while here so much so that she was needed to brighten up Heaven and was called home.She will never be forgotten .


Mom & Dad and all your Fluff friends


November 3, 1992 - June 13, 2002

"Amber Eyes"

There's a black dog in the moonlight,
That only I can see,
Gentle, silent, amber eyes,
Smiling back at me.
She comes to me at Dreamtime.
I feel her presence near.
Is this a dream or fantasy,
Or is she really here?
She snuggles me so softly,
I reach to touch her face,
Her image fades so suddenly,
Leaving nothing in it's place.
Her memory does haunt me,
At night when I'm alone.
I miss her laughing, amber eyes
And the bond that we had known.
Those gentle eyes so shining,
Do pull upon my heart,
But I know someday we'll meet again,
And then we'll never part.


for Susan

Written by S. Runkle 2002



Beauregard Blanke

January 1, 1998 - June 18, 2002

Forever my sweet boy, so full of life and love.
Run free at the bridge my baby, till we can cross it together.

God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not meant to be,
So he put his arms around you
and whispered, "come with me."

With tearful eyes and a broken heart
we watched you fade away,
Although we loved you dearly
we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating
you're now at peaceful rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best. 


May the shamrocks fall softly.












Nigel McAuley


Deeply loved and greatly missed

by Daddy (Ed), Mommy (Darienne) and ChloeMcAuley



(Our Red Bear)

January 9, 1997 - July 23, 2002
"...He would hate it if we cried,
That never was his style.
Oh, we still miss him ev'ry once in a while.
He could face up to the tears,
And somehow still find a smile...
Oh, how I miss him ev'ry once in a while."
Waiting for Sherry and Ben
Excerpt from "Once in a While"
Written by Steve Dorff and John Bettis




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