EPIL-K9 Memorial Page 2007



My Beloved Caesar

      August 28, 1999 - January 8, 2007

You were my Best Friend, my Heart Dog, a true "Gentle Giant". You loved and accepted everyone, there was no one, human or animal, whom you disliked. People were so amazed at how mellow you were.

I miss you so much, especially the little "arrrooooo" sounds you would make when you yawned. I miss how you would touch the doorknob with your nose when you wanted to go out.

You were almost 3 yrs. old when the epilepsy monster struck you in late May 2002. I promised I would do everything I could to give you the best and longest life possible.  I was blest to have you in my life for close to 5 more years. We had our share of ups and downs in dealing with the epilepsy monster.

It was the hardest decision I ever had to make the day I sent you to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew it was what was best for you, I couldn't put you through anymore. Now you are free of epilepsy--you are young and whole again and you can run and play with all your other Angel Friends--Doggie Angels Rocky (Chihuahua), Sam (Golden), Sheba (Pit Bull Mix), Molly (Westie); Kitty Angels Cooper, Opus, Jake, Sabba, Chaddy; plus your Epil-K9 Angel Friends.

Waiting to be reunited with you at the Bridge:

Mommy (Kathy), doggie brother Garrett, and kitty siblings Sylvester, Smudge and Cali.




April 28th 1993 - March 20th 2007

A friend sent me a card with these words. They are very apt for the situation we find ourselves in .

Long Lost... Long Remembered

She’s probably out having fun, don’t worry,
But we did, she is 14 not 4 any more.
She’ll come back when she’s hungry
But you didn’t.
Put an ad in the paper, that should work
But it didn’t.
You should be over this by now,
But we weren’t
You’ll forget in time,
But we never did .
We still miss you and think of you often & while we will never know what
happened or where you are,
We can look at the sky on a crystal clear night and know that you know, how much we love you

Words adapted from a poem by Joanne Emery

Dearest Emma, you were the sweetest dalmatian in the world, so gentle and loving, you helped so many people all over the world deal with canine epilepsy and became known as "The face of Canine Epilepsy" You were and still are the light that shines in the darkest places of the pain that an owner of a seizing dog feels. You will never be forgotten. We will never know what happened, how you could have gotten out of a walled and gated yard in the dark.I kept you safe from the ravages of epilepsy and then somehow I failed you when you needed me the most. I will continue your work as long as I live I hope you found Max and all the kitties at the Bridge. I would do anything to feel that sweet brown nose nudging me when it was time to eat. My beloved brown girl, my heart aches for you ,I still weep when see your picture. Not knowing what happened,how you could have gotten out of the yard haunts me, I know the gate was shut when we went to bring you into the house. You would have been 14 in 5 weeks time .We had hoped to take you camping one last time but it seems that someone wanted you for another reason. I hope you are at peace dear one.

Daddy & I love and miss you so much

Waiting for

Marion & Terry, Tessa,Rosie and epi kittie Janie and Grandma Cathy




Cody Phillips

Cody, my beautiful sweet boy. I miss you so!!
He had the biggest lust for life I ever saw.
It was all about enjoying life to the fullest.
We discovered from a wrapping paper tube, he would
swing at a ball with it. Next thing I know my husband
brought him home a "official bat" with a wiffle ball.
He could nail a line drive..

He made so many people laugh & smile.
Going down the road in the car,[Cody's nose smashed into the window]
children would be laughing, pointing, trying to get their parents to look
at him.
Cody could awe friends, family and strangers with equal enthusiasm.

At flyball he left many folks aghast when he'd miss judge a jump, and crash. Then run to me hell bent for election. He left some teary eyed
to, by making a error free run. He worked so hard to do it right.
He was just as happy being benched, as long as I'd take him in to
watch the other dogs run. His front feet, always attached to my leg.
Occasionally he would grab the wrong leg. It was comical to see
someone trying to walk with a 50lb Border Collie attached to their leg.

He did have a strong loving side. Dan & I would see it every day.
It was easy to keep an eye on Cody because he was always there,
keeping an eye on me.

Cody,,how I wish I could hold you one more time
You will remain, forever in my heart
Waiting for,,,


September 2000 - April 23 2007

My best friend, my constant companion, I miss you so much. You took a big part of me when you left this world. The tears have not stopped and they never will anytime I think of you. Your morning yip to wake us up, your "Jesse Dog Trot", your face at the back window ever time we came home and the sweetest most loving temperament that I have ever known. I will miss the sight of you and Bonnie frolicking in the yard, chasing your ball and that beat-up doggie toy. I will miss all the adventures we shared together, all the hikes, cross country skiing and†the backpacking.

I will never forget the night in Canada when you were shivering from the cold and wet and I put one of my t-shirts on you and let you sleep in my sleeping bag. Or the next day when we hiked the 24 miles back out, never once did you complain even though you could barely walk the next day.

The joy that you brought to my life was immeasurable. The sorrow you now bring is also immeasurable. But the sorry is now for me and not for you. Because you are in a much better place, with no pain and no seizures. Your suffering on this earth was difficult. I remember the first time you had a seizure, I was out of town and Nicole called 911. When she finally got a hold of me, I was shocked, a dog having a seizure, I had never heard of such a thing. You were young ( a little over a year old ) and healthy. It wasn't long after that on December 29th, 2001 the night that changed yours and my life forever. When you had seizure after seizure for hour after hour and we†to rushed you to the hospital. If I had only known then what I know now, I may have been able to avoid that night and you might still be here with me. We had a tough five years with the epilepsy and then†lymes disease. I'm not sure I slept one sound night in that time, nor did I ever relax when I was away from you...always worrying whether you were seizing or not. I was always searching trying to find some new treatment, something that would make you whole again. Well, I guess that I finally found it, but it wasn't here on this earth.

I can't wait for the day that I see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, with Pooh Bear, Slim Jim, Mokey and all the friends that you have made. I really hope to meet Emma our inspiration for the last three years.

I love you Jesse and I always will. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Waiting for




Golden Gate Blizzard Bonus, UD, Can CDX, MX, MXJ, OAJP, AG.N, AD, NAC, OAC-V, NGC, OJC, EJC-V, TN-O, CL4, HIC-s & d, CGC


12/15/92  -  5/23/07

Today we gave Brandy his wings to soar to the Rainbow Bridge, once again healthy and happy.  You have been my heart for over 14 years and now it is broken. We have been to so many places together over the years, and you were always by my side ready to take on anything I wanted to do with joy and excitement.  You loved all people & dogs and made so many friends who loved you in return.  You will be missed by many.

When you got sick a couple years ago, and we knew your time was limited, you still tried your best to keep up with the others even though it got more difficult as time went on.  You outlived your diagnosis of 6 months by an extra year and a half which was such a blessing for us.  The last week you have gone downhill so quickly, we knew your time was fast approaching.  When I looked into your eyes yesterday, I knew you were in pain and trying to tell me it was time.  It is the last thing I can do for you sweet Brandy, but so very hard.  Goodbye baby, until I can see you again.  We will love you always and never forget you.

Mom (Patty) & Dad (Joe) and Fur housemates Breezy, Java, Kenzee and Briann

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,

I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."





8/2/2001 - 6/1/2007

My Baby Bails,

I miss you with each breathe, with each step, with each dream.
You were my hope, my light, my best friend and I miss you more than words can say.
You chose me and I did my best.
Every time I walk through the door, I miss your happy voice, your smile, your massive amounts of "kisses."
Most of all I miss our time. Our snuggles at the end of each day.
You had such a hard life, such a short life and I still don't understand.
But I know that you're no longer in pain, which gives me some peace.
This hole in my heart will never be filled, never replaced.
You are my heart, my love, always,
My wee one

Thank you for your love!
Mummy (Karen)

Also loved and missed by Dennis & Sue Oldridge




6/18/2004 - 6/6/2007

Kali, you will always be my girl. You'll be in my heart forever.
You showed more strength and happiness than any person I know, in spite of your problems.
You taught me so much, and I miss you so terribly.
Now you are free from pain and I hope running and playing like you so longed to do.
Your best friend





14/12/93 - 7/24/2007

Zachary was my first golden.  It was a family "joke" that Zachary was my "first-born-son-who-could-do-no-wrong." Well, of course, he could - and did. There wasn't a towel or a curtain in the house that was safe - he would retrieve them all, even if it meant pulling the curtain rods down with the curtains, or leaving me wet in the shower with no towel to dry myself. Of course, in his mind, he was just being a golden retriever, bringing his people gifts, complete with happily sparkling eyes and a full-body wag (yes, the tail wagged the dog). How could you be angry with someone who made you laugh with his big-hearted antics? You couldn't. You could only love him and laugh with him. I fell in love with the breed because of Zachary. I got involved in golden retriever rescue because of Zachary. I adopted my first rescue golden, my dear epi Rusty, because of Zachary. I started fostering rescued goldens because of Zachary. And it was because of Zachary that I adopted my beloved golden epi Timmy and his mom, Lydia. Zachary was my first golden. And, between fosters and those we adopted, there were many who came after him. Now, they are all at the bridge, waiting for us. Zachary, who was first, was also last - he outlived them all. And in his death, he made one last gift that may help future generations of dogs - the gift of knowledge. Zachary may well live on in veterinary annals, not because of the rare cancer the experts thought he had but because of the common cancer he did have: hemangiosarcoma, about which his necropsy revealed much that had been previously unknown. Learning more about this cancer, which has become so common, and taken so many dogs' lives, will help save other dogs' lives in the future. That is indeed a good legacy for my beloved Zachary to leave behind. And it's that legacy that gives me some comfort now, when the pain of losing him is so very acute.

Theresa and Andrew


In Loving Memory

Prince Kenai

11/9/94 - 7/15/2007

My dear Kenai I am still in total disbelief that you are gone from us. Your 12 1/2 years went way too fast. I hope you know I tried so hard to help you. I failed, please forgive me.
Thanx to Epil-k9, all the wonderful members & your amazing veterinarian you hadn't had a seizure since February 2001. We will never know what made you so sick, not for lack of trying. I am so sorry boy for putting you through that surgery, i really thought we were doing the right thing for you. Turns out we were wrong and the day we had to help you pass will live with me forever. A part of me went with you....
You were my best friend, my shadow, a blessing. Always such a good boy. You had endless character and were never a dog but very much a people. The cutest puppy ever (little piglet) and the most handsome man. Everytime I wake up or come home and you are not there my heart breaks a little more. I miss our walks in the neighborhood and at the parks and how excited you always were to load up and go bye-bye. I miss you lounging on the couch and on your white bench outside. I miss you sleeping at the foot of our bed. Oh and how I miss that ferociousness. Most of all I just miss your presence, always wanting to be with your people.
I miss you big red poo, snapping turtle, liver lipped thick eared blue eyed red purple people eater. What I would give to hear you "monkey" once more or to be able to get you in your meaty.
Our family is not complete and the emptyness your absence brings is agonizing. I guess it is true that the more you love the harder you grieve and how I loved you my sweet beggar boy and always will. And not to forget your brother, Chipper is lost here without his big brother to lead the way. He misses you so....
I believe you are in the arms of our creator now with angels Felix, Tiger Lily, & Harley and that brings me some comfort. Your memory will always carry on in us but I hope to soon find a way to pay tribute to you, a tatto maybe.
Thank you Kenai for all you gave and all you taught me. A true prince thru and thru, you will remain forever in our hearts. It was an honor to have you in our lives. Until we are together again, rest in peace my handsome angel boy.....momma loves you!

Forever loved and missed by,
Daddy, Mommy, Gracie Lily, Chipper & Cameo




Dear Sweet Pea Bishop

Mom, Dad and your brothers love and miss you more than could ever know.The house is too quiet without you, daddy doesn't have anyone to wake him in the morning, mommy has too many treats in her hands when she comes home from work. Your grandmother has been cryng everyday since you've been gone, no one will ever give kisses the way you did. We will never forget you, Max (believe it or not) and Baron miss you and have been pouting and sleeping in all of your favorite places. We are so sorry that we couldn't fix it or make the seizures go away. I hope you have found Bruno , he will protect you and show you the way.

In Mommy and Daddys heart forever
Cindy & Larry and The Boys
Maxwell  & Baron


Andy 21st June 1999 - 27th July 2007.

Andy we all loved you and miss you very very much
You were an inspiration to us.
You fought the monster that was epilepsy and won.
Even towards the end you put such a brave face on it you didn't even tell us
you were ill.
Robbie stands waiting at the fence for his morning chat and to share his
You are in a place now where there are lots of fields and gardens.
Run Andy, be free from seizures and pain.
Play with Max and Sabre and tell them we loved them too.
One day we will all be together again.

Moyra, Simon and Daniel


5/18/98- 7/29/2007

Baby passed from my loving arms into God's on July 29 at 10:25 A.M. At this point in time, I'm numb with grief. But at the same time, I'm grateful to God for loaning Baby to me through all these years, and that he is no longer suffering. I don't know of any pet who got to have such a wide variety of amazing adventures, and I firmly believe it was God's blessings and desire to allow Baby to have such a wonderful and amazing life. 

I'm so thankful that Baby was able to help bring awareness to bulldog and pet rescue, canine epilepsy and hurting children. But to me, the most noble thing he ever did was to allow his home to be shared with rescued bulldogs. I'm hoping that someday, the Bulldog Club of America will find a place to honor special bulldogs like Baby who've made special contributions to the world. He was truly a great ambassador for the bulldog breed. To date, he's demonstrated to over 155,500 visitors to his site that an English bulldog is a gentle and loving creature, not to be feared.

I'm also very grateful for the hundreds of new friends I met through Baby. I'm especially grateful to those who gave him his biggest breaks, or helped enhance his website. Baby was a legend in his own time, and he became one of the most famous bulldogs in the world because of his website. The site is his legacy and he'll bring smiles to young and old, alike, for many years to come. I know this: Kent Grubbs and I will create more children's stories featuring Baby and my other pets. I'm not sure if, or when I'll post any mail with his stories, or images. I have thousands that no one has ever seen, before. I suppose that will depend on how fans and friend react to future stories and photos of him. I still Laurel and Hardy movies, even though they both passed away decades ago. Most of you don't know this but whenever I posted his mail, it went out to over a thousand people.

I'm eternally grateful to Dr. Bob Greenwald, Baby's vet for the hours he spent trying to help Baby via e-mails and phone conversations. Also, that he was willing to meet us at his clinic on a Sunday to stop Baby's suffering, once and for all. I'm also grateful for the many prayers offered up in Baby's behalf.

If you wish to make a contribution to a worthy cause in Baby's name, you can send a donation to the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network, 3945 Charbonier Rd., Florissant, MO 63031, your local humane society, or the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Waiting for Dan




Casey Cecala

5/10/95(approx.) - 8/4/07


Casey you are the love of my life forever and ever.  You were the cutest pup I had ever seen that lonely day I stopped at the Merlin Animal Shelter.  All I could do was cry when I was in your kennel and you immediately kissed away my tears, you all about 2 months of age.  You had me from the get go.  There are no words that can express how very lucky I am that you chose me.  You had so much love, compassion, and life in you and you taught me so many great things about life and love.

To my Angel Casey,

I miss you so much.
Words cannot describe the pain and ache in my heart
or the tears that have been wept
not just myself…there are many.
 Since you have left us,
I speak your name and you know the
family and friends I am speaking of.
We all weep.  You have touched so many lives that I
don’t think you ever even knew how many. 
You had so much love for everyone.  You touched more people’s lives
than any being has ever done in my life.
Just thinking about you,
you gave me so much life and showed me
how truly to love, have fun and enjoy every moment.
You had so much unconditional love to share
that I did not even realize you
you were a dog.
Thank you for sharing your love Casey.

I will always remember you climbing the ladder and being on the roof…protecting the property. Or all the times we went camping and hiking.  All the times we shared up in the snow and you chasing squirrels with Jed and Angel Bellah. Or the times you back talked Virginia over the fence when she would scold you for digging in mom’s garden looking for that perfect strawberry to eat.
I will never forget “hubba.”  That was so much fun to watch you
play “hubba” with me. It is still a silent sound only you
and I will ever share and I do hear you “my daughter.”

You gave me the greatest gift of all.  Going to the Bridge at home and on your own.
I will never forget seeing the tears from your eyes that morning.
The evil monster arrived when you were 9, but the other evil monster
that invaded your little body and took you away was cancer.
No more surgeries, no needles, no medicine
You have your wings now…. Run free. Run like the wind. Run in the snow.
Run in the sand.
Chase sheep.

Love is the Greatest Gift of All!!! Thank you Casey aka “Sister”
Running and waiting for Michelle, Mickey, Papa Mitch, and Brother Jed
Noses…Noses…Noses (you know what I mean)




Chimette (AKA Met)
December 4, 1996 ~ September 10, 2007

"Saying Goodbye to a Legend"


We were as one- not just soulmates, but as a blended unit. We flowed with agrace and agility that it was impossible to detect where the one ended and the other began.There was a beauty and innocence that drew me to you. Over our decade together, as my world dimmed your beauty gave rise to a newfound security as I saw life through your amber eyes. Being led in your pawprints, veering and whipping around obstacles was at times like traversing an agility course while others like dancing.It was an incredible journey! From a six month old puppy afraid of your shadow, creating new steps to the break-dance at every driveway or intersection, to the alertness of a hearing dog replacing my deafness with your acute hearing. You kept me from danger- using your instinctive footsteps to guide me up and down curb cuts and around obstacles even backtracking our path when I got lost or disoriented. Now when I think about how your distractibility affected our guide training, I see that the only limits one has are those they create themselves. As you matured you proved even my own skepticism in error. You were reaching for the stars, my sweet man weren't you? As our partnership progressed together, your intelligent disobedience got us out of many a fix from thosewho thought stopping behind crosswalks or before turning right was for the other guy. I recall like it was yesterday, the morning when our sidewalk became an extension of the road for a young man running from the police. Your quick thinking really saved my bacon!

Each time I experienced one of your alerts, it was like doing so for the first time. No one could watch you and miss your love for your job. It radiated throughout your entire being from your perked ears- each at their own special angle to the fanning of your tail waving uncontrollably, not to mention your vocal expressiveness.You were not done proving your value to me yet though were you? You took things a step further becoming my own bona-fide medical alert dog. I never taught you to do this, but the benefits to me were enormous nonetheless. From alerting to low blood sugar, allergic reactions, avoidance of MCS triggers and flashing lights- you were my guardian angel.

Life was not always easy for you, for us. From a poor start in life to a vaccination accident and poor genetic history, the end result left you with a condition that baffled me from the start, but which I was determined to find answers for. At not even 2 years of age, the thought of losing you as my service dog seemed unbearable but also highly likely. It was a long struggle sometimes uphill while others down. Drug Therapy, supplements, gold bead implants, homeopathy, and especially avoidance of known triggers all played a role in our long productive partnership. I admit there were times I wondered if I was fooling myself, if we would ever really find the great control I dreamed of having. When ithappened it truly was magical. I laugh now at the comment from a vet who treated you, *expecting more than 4-6 months seizure free was expecting the impossible*. I wonder what she would say if she heard you were nearly 4 years seizure free when your body wore out. I never imagined in the end that something other than your vaccinosis would take you from my side.

In your senior years, I knew our partnership was on borrowed time. So each outing we took, each morning we got up and each night as we hit the sack, I made certain to make the best of each day we had as though it were the very last. We built a lifetime of amazing memories together in such a short time. I find myself daydreaming over the years we were a team- taking our special morning walks, thinking about all of our *firsts*- your first cape and harness, your first hearing alert to the phone ringing when I was oblivious to it, your first curb cut you helped me with- OK so planting all four feet and refusing to budge is not how a dog guides their handler, but you did not know what to do. All you knew was that momma was in trouble and you had to prevent catastrophe! Then there was your first public access outing taking me to classes where you even learned to let me know when my name was called.

Your first trip to the mall was in celebration of how well you were doing in your training. We got pictures taken there where a man with a bigger camera than ours took lots of great shots of both of us. Then there was the grocery store where you remembered not to sniff even though it must have been so tempting. I even love to think about our first bus ride. It may have been short, but it began teaching us how to best work together using the lift. It's not just *firsts* that make me don a smile. Remembering you helping with the laundry in the Wonder Washer does just that. You'd carry each item to me in the bathroom, plunking them into the wash bucket- sometimes before I was really ready for them... patience my man, patience I would say to you. I even miss your idiosyncracies- you know how you felt you had to tell me when the television was turned off- as if I might not be aware of the fact that I turned it off! But one vivid memory came just 2 months before you left me, through the help of your holistic vet you literally came alive again- as though you had been woke from a long slumber. I just wanted to cry as light entered your eyes and your whole body was filled with an enthusiasm not present in a long time due to mishandling of your hypothyroidism. You were playing with me again with a gusto that I had not seen for nearly a year- like someone shot you out of a cannon! Though it was short lived, it gave me special moments to hold onto- Thankyou for that baby boy! A good friend told me, to see a dog play and be happy again is worth its weight in gold.

No one thought Met and I would still be partnered together nearly a decade after our public access began. Here we were though, thanks in part to my FYIsedentary lifestyle and the bond we each had to stand by our partner through thick and thin. During Met's life the lyrics from *Stand By Me* by Ben E.
King were never far from my mind. When the night has come/ And the land is dark/ And the moon is the only light we'll see/ No I won't be afraid, no I
won't be afraid/ Just as long as you stand, stand by me... Just one and a half months before my wonderful sidekick said his adieu to life here on
earth, I wrote this: *Reality is that sometime I will be forced to take on another partner, to break the working bond I have with Met and move towards
the future. It won't be easy for me or for the successor dog, but when the time comes we will know, it will be the right thing.* Moving on can never diminish the dog Met was. I know this in my head, but sometimes my heart needs a reminder. Met taught me so much about what I can achieve, about canine health and the errors of blindly following everything the veterinary field says, but most of all he taught me how to love life- living each dayto its fullest. Sadly through this he has also taught me about great loss. There is no greater loss than that of a service dog who has been your all for over a decade. It is like losing a spouse, but even more as with this loss often comes the loss of assistance you have depended upon for so long. Losing a service dog changes you. Some can't bare to face that grief againand choose not to continue with another partnership. Others like myself choose the pain, to have the dance. Garth Brooks conveys this perfectly in*The Dance* ...How could I have known you'd ever say goodbye/ And now I'm glad I didn't know/ The way it all would end the way it all would go/ Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain/ but I'd of had to miss the dance/ ... When I think of the last month Met and I spent
together as he was stepping out of harness, I am so grateful for that last dance.

Treasure's Moon Shadow CDX TDIA

  April 15, 1999 - Sept. 24, 2007

My sweet Shadow, you were my cuddler, my clown, my heart.  The day I brought you home at 8 weeks old, I was already smitten. You had a way of making me smile and laugh when I was sad, of offering comfort when I was in need. You were the perfect therapy dog: you never met a stranger and knew when to gently lay a head on a knee or offer more exuberant greetings. You graced the rooms of the hospital and nursing home with unconditional love, and played with the children at the camp and community fairs. A typical Sheltie "talker" at home, you never barked once in 5 years of therapy visits; you were on the job. When I wanted to try Obedience competition, you were happy to try that too, and gained your CDX despite a sometimes inept handler. You did like to create your own rules, and even the judge couldn't help but laugh when you delivered the dumbbell to her instead of me. You accepted the rescue Shelties I brought into our family and were the glue in our little pack, the one who would play with everyone else and help bring them out of their shells.

The seizures started when you were almost 7. We managed to get them under reasonable control and when you left me in September, you had just gone seizure free for almost 3 months -- our longest stretch. In the end, it wasn't the epilepsy that took you from me, but cancer. From the moment of your first symptom on a Saturday night, it was only 30 hours until you went to the Bridge at the Emergency Hospital. My deepest regret was not being there with you to say goodbye and let you know it was okay. I miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't shed tears for our loss. Until I can take you in my arms again, you will stay in my heart.

Mama Ann and Shelties Puffin, Ellie Mae & Jessie

He slipped away in the darkness,
Beloved a fur kid as ever there was.
Left this world in a carriage dark,
To a Bridge in a Land far Above.

When out of the carriage he got,
He saw friends had circled round,
Shadow blinked and stared about,
Then heard a joyous sound:

"Welcome to our Shadow,
Home with us at last",
And one by one they came,
And took him in their clasp.

But Shadow let his tears fall down,
"I'm glad to see you all,
But down there someone grieves for me,
Her tears as leaves in Fall."

"I didn't know I was leaving,
So I didn't say good-bye,
I know my Momma misses me,
And I can hear her cry."

"My family is without me,
Though I am here with you.
If I could only see them,
I'd tell them 'I love you".

Then stepped two Shelties forward,
Young, healthy, and glowing with pride.
" Remember Chadra and Mr. Bear?
We stand here by your side."

"Someday our loved ones come home,
Which is why we wait , don't fear.
All God's creatures meet in Hea'en,
So Shadow, wipe your tear."

So happily he plays now,
He knows of pain no more,
He waits for Momma Ann,
Across from Heaven's door.

For loving there's a price to pay,
Of losses when we part,
But some day we'll be near again,
Until then, in your heart.

9-24-2007 PJ Donovan




3 June 1997 – 23 September 2007

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
Love leaves a memory no one can steal

Blaze, you are in my heart forever, I miss you every day and still can’t believe you’ve gone.  You fought many a brave battle with your health but still enjoyed your visit to the sea even though I had to help you walk.  I’m so glad we visited your favourite beach before you left, you looked so thoughtful and content, perhaps you were saying goodbye.  Three days later the vet said you had cancer and tried to save you but you went to sleep.  Such a terrible shock to lose you and not be with you – I am truly sorry.  Thank you for your love and for sharing your life with me, you helped me through many a difficult time.  I love and miss you Blaze and always will

God looked around his garden
And found an empty place,
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain.
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids
And whispered, 'Peace be Thine'.
It broke my heart to lose you
But you didn't go alone,
For part of me went with you
The day God called you home.

Blaze - waiting for Pamela and Zanja





May 31, 1994 - October 14, 2007

The Answer

Ages ago, a heartfelt prayer
Arose from a man in deep despair,
"Oh God,he pleaded,hear my cry,
A weak and selfish sinner am I.
Deserted alike by friend and foe,
No way to turn, no place to go.
Though I deserve such misery,
Oh God, restore some hope to me".
The Father heard,His need is great,
For such poor mortals I'll create
A loyal friend who'll stay close by
To love, to share, to live and die.
His willing slave who'll ask no more
Than just to worship and adore.
A friend who'll never criticize,
Will never question or advise
Who cannot speak or lift a hand
To help but will just understand.
And so it came to pass at morn
An answered prayer.

The dog was born.

Author Unknown

We miss you every day especially around dinner time...

Try to be good until we get there.

Dagmar, Jeff, and Emma






Casey Smith

05/03/04 -10/24/07

From the moment you entered our lives, I knew there was something very special about you. Soft, cuddly and always so sweet, you were the gentlest dog. Puppy hood was unkind to you, but you never gave up. When your back legs wouldn't work properly you struggled to get up and made it through two hip surgeries like a real trooper. That in itself was very hard to see, but when the seizures started my heart just broke. I would ask myself "why, why does my sweet guy have to go thru this" but no one would ever answer. On the good days, you would run thru the yard, chasing squirrels and feeling the sunshine on your face. I would see the look of pure joy in your eyes and I was content. On the bad days, we struggled, and I would cry out for the unfairness of it all. We tried so hard to gain control of the epilepsy,but it just wasn't meant to be, and nothing could prepare me for how fast our time together was taken away. I could see from the look in your eyes how very tired you were and I could only do the most humane thing possible because I loved you, I set you free. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. I miss you dearly sweet boy.

Waiting for Debbie





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