Our precious little girl, that smile, the hellos you shared, you were my lucky charm,
I only wish I was yours.

You licked away my tears and smiled so long I could only laugh.

Dad, CJ and I miss you enormously. You have been so much a part of our lives and
will always remain in our hearts. I know you are free and without pain.

You brought us so much happiness and laughter - 4-1/2 years was way too short for
such a sweet and special girl.

Keep a smile and Hello for us.

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a Lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and
bring you home again."

Forever in our hearts.



Mom, Dad and CJ




Micah Elijah

November 4, 1995 - January 24, 2005

by Mark Morgan

Man's best friend is what they say,
But you were loved in a special way.
We cared for you just like a child,
And we still do today.

The choices we made for you-
Your happiness and youth one day renewed.
We'll see you, Micky, on the other side,
Where grass is green and skies are wide.

We miss you now and always will.
Your four paw prints never to be filled.
Fly, sweet Mitty, to the stars above.
From momma and daddy with all our love.

Monday, January 24, 2005

By Christy Hall

You came to me, a baby,
So tiny and all belly.
You squirmed your way into my heart.

I loved you like no other
You, my baby - I, your mother
And it pains me that we had to part.

It isn't fair that your life was so hard
That you were dealt a poor hand of cards
You were much too sweet to deserve that.

Rough days we had, more than one
And even God knows it wasn't all fun
Just you and me against the world.

And all that mattered at the end of the day
Was more than I could ever say;
I was still thankful to have you.

You'd been with me through thick and thin
And so I stayed 'til the bitter end
In the hopes that you'd forgive me.

It breaks my heart it had to end
And into God's arms I had to send
My love, My baby, My Bubby Beans.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005



January 2 1999 - January 25 2005


I remember it like it was yesterday. After all, 6 years was not that long. We called all the local pet stores, "any Pugs in stock?" Mommy wanted you so bad, as if we knew how special you were going to be once we found you.

You were the best thing to happen to us and we tried to do the best for you. In this crazy world, there was always you to come home to. How I loved coming home to see you running towards me, tail wagging, looking for kisses. You helped get me out of bed every morning and get going, you gave my life the boost it was missing for years. Then you got sick, it felt as if my world ended the first time you had a seizure, so hopeful that they could be treated and you would be fine, but so fearful that no matter what this was going to take you away from us. I never truly believed I would really lose you, not until it was too late.

I will always remember you, I will always remember how you couldn't go out until you circled 20 million times, how you would turn your head from side to side at funny noises, that you loved to lay outside and bask in the warm sun, how you snored when you slept, how you would sniff anything no matter what it was, how you used to bark at dogs on tv with that silly pug bark of yours, how you followed mommy around all the time, how your tail would start wagging as soon as I was near you, how I loved to cuddle on the sofa with you on my right side, how we would spoon at night, and your beautiful wet kisses - right on the mouth!

I always felt I could never give you back what you gave me. We cherish any memory or photo we have of you. We will never forget and we will love you until the end of time. You will be out little Piggy-pooh for eternity. Hope to see you again someday, my sweet girl.

waiting for







March 1, 2003 - January 25, 2005

Tippy came to us unexpectedly one fine spring day and melted our hearts. He was the most unique dog that we ever had. He loved the country life, working with horses, chasing balls, daily walks, and playing with his Shih Tzu 'brother' Muggie. Tippy went every where with us and became our best friend and our 'boss'. He taught himself how to snowboard and had the most incredible sense of humor. There will be no other like him. His epilepsy broke our hearts but we dedicated full attention to him.

Tippy, you are missed beyond belief and we will never forget you. We are saddened and cheated by your short time with us but we know you are always here with us. You will always have a place in our hearts and a star in the sky and we can't wait to be with you again.


Dad, Mom, Gramma and Muggie




Mr. Manilow B. Magic

Sept. 2, 1996 -March 22, 2005

May he rest in peace.

My best friend Manilow was put to sleep on March 22, 2005 after his long struggle with epilepsy. He shared his life with me for 8 years and my life was so blessed by the gifts that he shared with me. Manilow was such a precious gift to me and to all those around us who he reached out to every single day he was on this earth. He loved his life and he loved to share his happiness and love with those who he called his friends. He was a very special dog filled with magical ways that brought people and lives together that made such a difference in this world that we share. I know in my heart because of Manilow's wonderful life, that our lives will never be the same, because he has left his paw prints imbedded in our hearts forever. We will miss you Manilow forever and always and we will meet again some day.



A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with force, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn. Speak to me often for your voice is the sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear. I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for I cannot tell you when I am thirsty. Feed me food that I may stay well to romp and play and do your bidding to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you. And my friend, when I am very old and I no longer enjoy good health, do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having any fun. Please see that my trusting life is taken gently. I shall leave this earth knowing that my fate was always safest in your hands.





May 11 1994 - April 6 2005

Waiting for Brigette





April 13 2002-April 14 2005

I miss you so much my sweet boy, everyone does. You were my heart from the day we brought you home we knew you were special. You always had something to say and were always under our feet. When you had your first seizure it was just the start of the medical issues to come, still, you always made us laugh and filled our hearts warmth. We love you big boy. I wrote this for you, until we meet again. Waiting at the bridge for your family


You Were My Boy,
My Very Best Friend;
You Brought Laughter And Joy,
Like An Angel That Was Sent.

When Your Illness Struck,
I Stayed By Your Side;
All The Months Filled With Worry,
The Sleepless Nights That I Cried.

You Seemed Not To Notice,
When I Hugged You In Fear;
My Prayer Not To Lose You,
For There Was No Cure.

Your Manner So Gentle,
Your look Was So Strong;
But Under That Mal Hair,
Something Was Wrong.

I Feel Now Defeated,
My Heart Was With You;
As I Watched I Felt Helpless
And You Felt It Too.

I Miss You Like Crazy;
To Hear Your Woo Woos,
Your Time Here Was Short;
Something You Probably Knew.

You Made Best Of Your Time Here,
I Know That You Did;
Till We Meet Some Day Later,
Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Love Your Mum






Twinkle, twinkle, Little Czar
What a precious boy you are,
Up above the world so high
You're my diamond in the sky,
Twinkle, twinkle, Little Czar
How I wonder where you are.

April 19, 1999-May 11, 2005      
Born October 10, 1994-January 26, 2005

Your courageous struggle and well fought battle with the monster is finally over.

With grieving hearts, we pray that you are now in your glory, at heaven's Rainbow Bridge. 
A very special place created for angels just like you.

Loving you unconditionally came easy. We always felt so richly blessed to have been given the privilege of making you a part of our family.
You would teach us many new tricks, and we would learn so much about ourselves through you.

Your world revolved around a very special girl by the name of Jewel. She would love and protect you (as only a mother could), even after you had outgrown her by leaps and bounds. The two of you were inseparable.

When Jewel would leave us for the bridge, your world had forever changed. She had left without you, and you were totally lost without her.

As we grieved for her, we would also find ourselves grieving for you.

The monster would now visit you more often it seemed. The day he paid his final respects, he left with no mercy.

During our final moments together, Daddy and I held you in our arms as we watched you drift into that place of heavenly peace. We know an angel was there waiting in the wings, and she would be your guiding light.

Your very own Angel Jewel had come to take you home.

With tearful eyes we search the skies, and smile at the knowing that you are there.....somewhere.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, you are also both so sadly missed by your feline companions.

Forever Loved , Always Remembered,
Mommy, Daddy, and kitties, (brother)Jerry and (sister) Scribbles. xoxox





April 26 2000 - May 8 2005.

When we chose him from the litter, we asked the breeder for a bit of a wimp, we did not want a dominant pup who would argue with Ruan[aka Mr Grumpy] We saw this little chap sitting thinking, apart from the melee of pups, and that was him. Ruan and he were friends and would 'setter wrestle' on the lawn most evenings after dinner, a lot of paws and teeth, but never a cross word. Ruan just didn't like it if Mungo went anywhere with me on his own, even the vets counted, which was hard sometimes. Mungo was a kind gentle dog, very sweet, very handsome, with a very heavy head, which he would rest on my knee most of the time. He followed me everywhere if he could, and luckily I retired from teaching just before he started with epilepsy on March 2nd 2004. He had some very bad times with the megaesophagus around Christmas, but recently had put back the weight lost and the muscles too, and was running through the fields and woods chasing birds, his favourite occupation. He also loved splashing in the stream, running through with his nose in the water so his head was very wet too. He would look intently for birds from the car and always responded to 'Look at the birdie, Mungo!' A passing peacock gave him great joy.

I miss him so much, he did not deserve all that happened to him, but at least he is free of the monster.

"the one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master"

Waiting for
Pat, David and Ruan





March 1994-June 5 2005

Crickett had a rough start to life as she was picked up at the age of 8 weeks old by the SPCA wandering around, alone in the woods of Santa Cruzcounty. She contracted sarcoptic mange while at the facilities, and was slated to be put down as there wasn't the funds necessary to treat her and the other puppies that were affected. We adopted her and got her the treatment she needed, and she became part of our family instead of succumbing to the needle.

Crickett was a happy, active and loving dog. She proved herself very clever, being able to open and shut doors on command as well as a whole arsenal of tricks she used to make us laugh. She never had a mean bone in her body, but loved all she met.

At around age three she started having seizures and was diagnosed with Idiopathic epilepsy. Luckily it was mild, consisting of single seizures spaced weeks or months apart and enabling us to investigate alternative treatments. I found the Epil-K9 list and website in this search, and it led us to consider a dietary change to see if it would help. With my vet's help, we started Crickett on a new diet consisting of part raw, and part high, quality kibble with supplements added. I'm not sure why to this day, but after two years of seizures, Crickett never had another after we started the diet. For this, we are all eternally grateful to the Epil-K9 list as she had a wonderful quality of life for her remaining six and a half years.

Crickett went on to become a pet-assisted therapy dog at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz. I watched her perform miracles I would not have thought possible. Crickett truly had found her gift. The patients love her, and she loved them. She adored going to work. I think Crickett contributed into society than many humans I know. I saw her once, with a touch and kiss to a hand, bring a woman out of the catatonic state she had been in for three weeks. I remember the Russian woman who was so depressed as she was alone in a foreign country with very few people who spoke her language. Crickett spoke a different language, too...and they seemed to speak it together. The Russian woman spoke in Russian to Crickett for half an hour, hugging and petting her like an old friend. The nurses said it was the first time they saw the woman smile in weeks. There were so many other miracles small and large that I witnessed Crickett work, too numerous to list them all here. But, she had a gift, indeed.

Crickett retired from the hospital when our family inherited five nephews. I watched the children, who were detached and anxious when they arrived, bond to Crickett first. Crickett took care of them all, kissing their tears away, keeping all the secrets they whispered in her ears, and she would even make the rounds at night to check on them all before she went to bed. Crickett had a special relationship with the children that can't be replaced, and she taught them how to love and trust again and welcomed them into our family in her own, special way.

Crickett also loved agility and traveling. She was my "travel buddy" when I went on long car trips so many times. She traveled well, and was always well mannered. While Crickett never competed in agility, she loved going to classes and would perform her agility skills on weave poles and hurdles yearly at the hospital pet show once a year. Crickett also earned the title of the National SPCA pet of the month for February 1999.

We all miss you, Crickett. You've left a hole in our hearts that will take a long time to fill. You left us such gifts that I'm not sure we'll ever be able to repay in this lifetime. Until we see you again on the other side of the bridge, please know we love you so much and miss you terribly.

waiting for

Linda Hardman and family




November 7, 1997 - June 12, 2005

I have thought much about Domino - how much we love him, enjoyed having him share our lives and how much we miss him today. I still expect to see him sometimes in his favorite spot under the pine tree or laying at our feet or on top of us - all 60 lbs of him. I miss his goofy walk and his messy habits when eating or drinking. 

Kosy kept looking for you inside and outside the house for a few days - missing you alot. 

Domino - you are forever in our hearts.

We love you,

Waiting for

Kara, Steve, Katharine, Nicholas, Kosy (Domino's sister), Mani (our cat) and Angel kitty Hong (August 26, 2004)





July 14, 1993 - July 7, 2005

You came into our hearts at 11 weeks of age and blessed our lives for nearly 12 years.
We are thankful to our Creator that he sent you to us and allowed us to be the family who
would get to own such a cute and sweet dispositioned little dog. Enjoy the meadows of Heaven
and be watching for us when we enter the Gates.

Love from your Mamma and the rest of the Family



April 12 2004-July 8 2005

Your name wasn't the name that I gave you but one the rescue place gave you and I decided it was not right of me to change your name.So began the short but beautiful life of Chester Pisaneschi.You came into this world as a lost sole that someone dropped off along with your siblings because they didn't want you.I saw your face on the website and knew right away you and I were going to be buddies for a long time.But fate stepped in and made that time much shorter than either of us wanted it to be but no matter how short it was you and I made the best of it.From the time you came into our household it was love at first sight.I even came home everyday during my lunch hour to let you know you were not going to be alone for long.Yes,at times it was a pain during the winter months but when I saw your smiling little face and wagging tail I forgot about the drive home.As you grew up I still made that drive home no matter what the weather was because it was now a routine that we both looked forward to.I like all other parents bragged about how beautiful my "buddy" was and once people saw you they agreed,yes you were a beautiful dog.We taught each other how to play Frisbee and people never noticed me they always remarked about how good you were at it.For a big dog you were graceful and them ears always flapping and that smile when you caught it.You were so damn proud.You taught me that you were going to win the tug of war with the rope.But when the monster struck you never,never showed me how much it hurt.You always got back up and brushed yourself off and looked at me to say "come on dad,let's play."I will so miss you in the morning telling me it's time to get up or look at me as if your telling me it's time for bed.You were only allowed to be with me a very short time but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time we had together.The only thing I ask of you Chester is when it's time for me to pass on please be there to guide me through because I would be honored to have you back at my side.

Love and Always in my thoughts,

Waiting for
Paul,Helen,DJ and Brigham
P.S. Helen,DJ and Brigham miss you very much too!!



Tuffy LeFrance

Tuka, Kucha Taka, Tuk-tuk

June 11, 1998 to July 27, 2005

I think somehow you knew that I was leaving and the monster got a horrible hold on you. I tried with all my might to get him to let go of you but I lost the battle.  I looked at your beautiful brown eyes and I could see that you were tired of the struggle. You left us with love and dignity. I held you in my arms until you slipped away. Now you are free to run and play with your brothers, Tres and Spanner and your sister Ember. I am sure they were there to meet you.

I called you “my Velcro dog” because no matter where I went, you were right by my side. If you were sleeping on the couch and I stepped outside, somehow you sensed it and you would wake up and come to find me. You laid in the doorway of the kitchen and watched me to make sure I was there. How you loved to wear your “pretty” You were always so proud when I put it on for you. You will never have to be without it again. You are such a handsome boy!

I miss our morning ritual the most.  I remember how you would go upstairs with me and poke your head in the shower curtain to see if I was really there and then I would hear you run and jump on the bed to pretend you were sleeping while I took my shower. I would call you and tell you , “Come on Tuka, walk with Mommy”. You would jump off the bed and stand by my side until I put my hand on your back and we would walk together down the stairs and at the bottom I would tell you “do the big stetch” and you would stretch you front feet out in front of you while I rubbed your belly. What a lonely walk down those steps now. I miss my Tuka dog every day. I look at the couch where you would sit with your feet hanging over the arm looking out the window waiting for me to come home from work and you aren’t there and my heart just aches. I know you are in a better place but it is so hard for those who are left behind.

I miss you everyday. I will always love you with all my heart. You will always be my Tuka. Until we meet again, run free and know that you are missed and loved.

Sadly waiting until we can be together again,

Mom, Dad, Lady, Sally, Sarah and Howler




August 28th, 1997 – August 1, 2005

Dear Sweet Little Lucy,

We miss you so much.  You were such a shining light in our lives, and warmth in our hearts.  Your love-of-life spirit and always-happy attitude made me look forward to each day.  Every moment in time that we spent with you was a treasure.  You seemed to know exactly when any of us needed your wonderful shower of tail-wagging love and kisses.  We often asked, “Who are you really, Lucy?”, because you knew us so well, and you loved us so much.  You truly were our little Angel on earth.  We were greatly blessed by your presence in our lives, and will be forever thankful. 

The house is quiet now, without you, and I look for you everywhere.  I don’t think that anyone could have loved you more than we did.  And we still do love you - but now we must look for you in our hearts, in our souls, and in our memories.  I know we will be together again (the thought of that not happening is something I cannot bear).  Until then, please know that your life, though so very short, left a huge, and wonderful, impression upon all of us.

We will always remember…..

….how, on the day we met you, you would not leave Curt’s side

….how, after bringing you into our house for the first time, you took a deep sigh as if to say “Now I’m home”

….how wonderfully wrinkly you were!

….how you loved to play hide and seek with me

….how you loved to role around in the piles of laundry (and steal towels!)

….how you liked to sit on our feet when you wanted to be close to us

….how, when you liked someone, you wanted them to scratch your behind!

….how you followed me everywhere

….how you loved your Daddy like no one else (We literally thought your tail would lift you off of the ground whenever you saw him, or even heard his voice!)

….how you loved to sprint around the tree in the back yard at top speed

….how we loved to call you “Goosey”

….how your favorite place to sleep (and mine) was at my feet

Lucy, you will always be a part of me, and your spirit will forever be my inspiration. 

May you run freely now, dear goosey-girl, once again by my Mother’s side, making her smile.  And that thought warms my heart

your magic carries on .



Lisa, Curt & Sydney





August 3 200 -August 20 2005

Your absence ... my pain

By: Ana B. Rodriguez

Gala, I miss you so much!

I am lost without you,

I need your eyes, I need your soul

I need to be with you once more .

My heart is empty, and so my hands are

My tears cann´t stop

I want to be where ever you are!!!

What I learned from you

I will not ever forget...

...Your sweetness and loyalty...

...Your patience and your faith.

You saved me from myself

Of the night silence

You saved me from myself

Of the day sadness

Now I am looking at the Sky

I am searching for a sign

I am praying so so hard

To be close to you again

I love you Gala, my golden angel... I will always love you






November 13, 2002 - September 2, 2005

"If I'd have known the way that this would end
If I'd have read the last page first
If I'd have had the strength to walk away
If I'd have know how this would hurt

I would have loved you anyway
I'd do it all the same
Not a second I would change
Not a touch that I would trade
Had I known my heart would break
I would have loved you anyway

It's bittersweet to look back now
At memories withered on a vine
Just to hold you close to me
For a moment in time
Even if I'd seen it coming
You'd still have seen me running
Straight into your arms

I would have loved you anyway
I'd do it all the same
Not a second I would change
Not a touch that I would trade
Had I known my heart would break
I would have loved you anyway
I would have loved you anyway"
--(Lyrics by Trisha Yearwood)

Willow, you packed enough love and devotion into ten short months to last for a lifetime. We thank God for leading you to us, and letting us give you the best days of your too-short time on Earth. We couldn't save you, we couldn't make you well again. But we loved you and gave you everything we could. And in the end we were there with you, holding you, and crying for you. In our hearts, we are together still. Goodbye for now, pretty baby girl.

Waiting at the bridge

for Nikki & Dan



March 1 1998 - September 7 2005

My dearest Shadow - I told Dad there was something about you - that I wanted to keep you at 10 weeks - but we couldn't, not in the apartment.

It wasn't 6 months later that you found your way back to us - now in a home with a fenced yard.

You brought so much joy into our lives. My favorite nickname for you was 'gorgeous'.

You along with Smokey meant everything to me. Though you were no longer with your sisters, you and I shared a bond. It was there before
Smokey and after.

There is not a day that I don't think of the two of you - but atleast you have each other.


They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Author unknown

Forever in our hearts,

mom, dad and CJ



September 15 2005

In Fondest Memory, always in our hearts!  

The day I found you running down a busy road, we stopped to try to help you but you
kept on running and them I stopped chasing you, fell on my knees and I opened my arms
to you, and you came running, you trusted me then with your life! I only hope I didn't
disappoint you. Thank you for allowing us to care for so many foster fur babies, you
were so gracious in letting them in your space and your family, you knew that their
life wasn't always as happy as yours was. You were a great friend and we will miss you!
Until we meet again you will remain forever in our hearts!




Ch. Loveshires American at Heart


A.KA. Jayman Bear

 February 14th 2001 – September 27th 2005

Oh my beautiful boy! And my first boy. From the time it took me to find you, and then to only have 4 short years with you.

But what you taught me was worth it all. Thank you for showing me all you did. As they say:  It is better to have love and lost than to have never have loved at all.

You and I did many firsts together my friend and I am so happy to have found you.

Until we meet again.

Love always your family






30 April 1998 - 2 October 2005.

My dearest daughter Katie,

I still remember the day so vividly when I picked you up. That was a
month after you were born. Your sister, Amie and I, went to pick you up.
Amie licked your ears and took care of you all the way driving home.
Amie lets you eat from her plate and she really loves you. You had the
flu when you first came, and your father and I did not want you to sleep
in the bedroom with us because the air-conditioning would have worsened
the flu. So every night when your nanny came to take you away from us
you protested and resisted her. You made so much noise whenever you
wanted something or not want something. You constantly talked to us.
Katie, do you remember sleeping right next to me and your father. Do you
remember that either your father or I would hug you all night. I took
you on rides and when you were just a puppy you sat on my lap.

It was so funny seeing you bark at your own reflection in the mirror.
While it frustrates me a tiny bit, I couldn't contain my smiles when you
chew through a few boxes of tissue every week. You'd raid our food on
the dining table and ate whatever you wanted whenever you wanted them.
Everyone who met you loves you and let you do whatever you want. I think
it is because you were so generous, gentle, and graceful to others as
well. I can see why Amie loves you so much and miss you so much today.

Katie, you had a wonderful smile. It brightened up my day every time I
see you smile. Every time someone came to visit, you'd wag your tail and
practically sway your whole backside. You really love those long walks
around the golf course with us together with Amie and your younger
brother Bongo.

During those trying times dealing with your seizures, your father and I
read many of the postings on the EPIL-K9 LIST. We consulted many vets
and friends. It is from the knowledge and encouragement of these many
people and friends of ours that have helped you to cope with your
seizures for the better. When you were sick, your father carried you
from our bed to get drinks and go to bathroom breaks 3 or 4 times a
night. I was with you through every seizure. Your nannies accompanied
you in the middle of the night in the garden to protect you from falling
in the swimming pool. You father and I took turns to stay over with you
at the veterinary clinic throughout the nights. We all took great
pleasure in being with you no matter what condition you were in.

You know that we all cried so much at your funeral. I took the boat out
with your nannies after your cremation rite and we floated your ashes in
the middle of this beautiful place on the Chao Phraya river in the
middle of Bangkok. I have since held on to your bones and ashes and take
them as I take you in my heart to everywhere. And everywhere I go and
every restaurant I eat, I think about you all the time and I am so happy
that you are always with me.

Your father had made so many contributions under your name to various
dogs and cats orphanages around the country throughout caring for
thousands of dogs and cats. We also made regular contributions to the
differing animal foundations such as the hospital for monkeys in
Lopburi, Save The Moon Bears (in China) - Animal Asia Foundation and
recently we made a contribution under your name to help save the two
elephant calves that stepped on landmines in Burma. We have made many
contributions throughout to underprivileged children under your name.
You have taught us patience, loyalty, and compassion.

We feed the fishes everyday in the canal in our backyard and I remember
how you and I would sit on the deck and watch those fishes and birds
roam by. I still go to the market and buy those fishes to release them
in the canal. They are all alive and well.

I received cards from all four of your vets. They miss you dearly as we
do. When you came to us and stayed with us. That was heaven. Today and
every moment of the day, you are in our hearts and in our minds. That's
also heaven. We will always be together. I love you. We love you so
much. Our grieve will never over until we meet again at the Rainbow
Sumitra & Pakpoom Vallisuta.
Bangkok, Thailand.




2003 - October 5 2005

Doc, the 2 year old pug/sharpei mix, came into our lives the weekend before Halloween just one year ago. His face and his personality captured our hearts, and we adopted him from a local humane society. Before long, we were completly in love with his funny ways like jumping onto the patio table to get a better look, stealing food off the counter with the hook of his toenails, and stuffing his head into the dishwasher and fridge whenever they were opened. Doc loved to sleep in the bed under the covers, and could snore like a lumberjack.

Toward the end of February, he had his first cluster of seizures that we know of. It was scary, but it seemed like all was well for a while with the help of medicine, although his personality and behavior had changed. September they hit again, but harder and he was having more types. With a terrible batch that came at the beginning of of October and his diagnosis of having a brain tumor, we knew it was time to let our sweet boy wait for us at the bridge.

Doc, we love you. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your short time on earth with us and for giving us the chance to be your family and to have you in ours. The year we had with you was precious, we just wish it could have been so many more. Wait for us and have lots of fun now that the monster isn't on your back. We will see you soon

Jan Jennings & Paula Loudermilk



Kiki, Kiwi, Kikketje

August 5 1995 - October 11 2005

I am feeling guilty for having helped you to a better world, but I didn't want to lengthen your suffering when the vet said you had cancer (lymphoma) in both kidneys and who knows in how many other organs. Hey, epi golden angel girl Branco must be very happy to have you to play with again.

Love you and miss you so much, Kiki cat, "my" cat who chose me to cuddle and "pester" :-)

waiting for

Chris, with Jef, your Persian mommy Bonnie, your sister Sloeber, and canines golden Lina & mini schnauzer Tara.




Klaasem Maggie's Pal Megan

July 14, 1997 – October 14, 2005

To Megan, my most wonderful friend,

After helping my angel spaniel Daisy to the Rainbow Bridge at 5 pm on Valentine’s Day, 1997 I promised myself that I would never go through this again. The hole in my heart, I knew for certain, would never be filled. Susan, my friend and co-worker and a breeder of goldens, said to me one day, “Bob, you just have to see the litter of pups Ember had awhile ago.” “No,” I said so adamantly. Susan kept shoving me in the direction of her kennel. She knew I was still pining for Daisy. I relented and on a beautiful, sunny Sunday on August 10th of that same year I took Mom and we saw a litter of the most adorable golden retriever puppies ever.

One little puppy came over to us and we chose that one as ours… we called her Maggie. Susan painted the tip of her tail to identify her as our pup. We couldn’t take her home as they were born on July 14th but we made several trips to see how they were doing and they were all growing up so fast. On August 24th I received a phone call from Susan who sobbed, “Bob, Maggie passed away yesterday… we buried her near Dreyfuss to be comforted by him.” Dreyfuss was Susan’s long-time golden companion from childhood. As if destiny ordained it, Susan offered us Maggie’s twin, the last of the litter to be picked – and Megan that was you! I decided to name you Maggie’s Pal Megan in honour of your little sister, your pal who you always played with at the kennel.

I so vividly remember you coming into our lives on a rainy Tuesday evening. It was September 9th and you entered our home and our lives forever. You were the most precious 8 week old golden puppy ever. You went everywhere, sniffed everything and gave us the most loving puppy kisses.

Throughout the years you gave us the best times of our lives. When Mom was so critically ill in 2003 she asked about you every day from her hospital bed. Not knowing whether she would pull through, you were always in her heart. When God saw fit to see her come back home that fall, you met her at the door and greeted her with that big wagging tail and doggy kisses. You never left her side for days. You have been her strength all these years and I know in my heart that it was you who pulled her through. You were her pride, her joy and her rock.

Megan, you have been a pillar of strength for both of us during your lifetime on this earth. When the seizure monster visited you for the first time this May I was devastated. Continual medications and diet could not keep him away and the monster visited you more and more until he took you from us on October 14th.

I pray that you know how difficult the decision was to let you go and how heavy my heart is now and ever will be. You left a hole that will never be filled. I did not wish for you leave us, yet I did not wish for you to suffer any longer – I know you wouldn’t want that. Your poor glazed over eyes will now be twinkling in your new home beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Free from pain and lots of doggie treats for you, my little moocher!

God bless you my dear, sweet Megan – my epi-golden furbaby. You will be so missed. For eight years you touched our lives, gave us so much and asked for so little in return. A little pat on the head and a doggie treat was enough for you. Goodbye my friend, my pal, my constant companion and my strength. Romp freely with your sister angels Duchess the basset, Angel the Rhodesian ridgeback and Daisy the spaniel and give a big doggy smoochy kiss to your little sister Maggie for us.

Dear Megan, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, God bless you and keep you forever.



Bob (Dad) and Irene (Mom)



March 1998 - October 14 2005

Our precious Westie Boy gave us 7 1/2 years of unconditional love. He learned at an early age to bark when the phone rang and when someone was ringing the doorbell. He loved his squeaky toys and shared them with his brother Dudley and sister Olivia. He was our heart. Eric my husband and I are true believers that someday we will all be together.

Elena and Eric





November 8 2000-October 15 2005

"The day you laid me down to sleep
you prayed to the Lord; my soul to keep
I know you had to send me on my way
but you sent me to a new; better;
and much brighter day
You sent me home; to heaven above
where I'm cradled in God's arms;
covered with His love
I understand what you did; you did out of love
and I'll return that love; from my new home above
My sickness is gone; and I'm free here to roam
I run and play in the meadows; here in my new home
We play here by the Bridge; from morning to night
there is no rain here; just warm sunlight
I know you all miss me; I miss you all too
but I'll always be with you; whatever you do
Please wipe the tears; from your weeping eyes
by remembering the good times; from days gone by
When you look out; into the dark of night
I'll be that bright star; your guiding light
We'll meet again at the Bridge one day
when we'll walk in the light; together to stay"
John Quealy

In such a short time, you touched so many lives with you're "goofy"
personality. We all thought that the seizures were just the human in you
trying to get out. You were a fur kid with so many nicknames, you never
knew which one to come to (Miss Molly, Poop, tinklebutt, Drama Queen,
Digger, Junior). I know that you are up there at the bridge, digging your
holes, and swimming all day long and free from the monster. We all love and
miss you and it will never be the same without you "Miss Molly".

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Eric, Madison,





February 5 1990 - October 26 2005

Folks, I am going to tell you right now there is no way to be succinct when you are talking about the history of a miracle so please forgive me if this is long – if you don’t have the time to read it all I understand, just know that you always have to keep hold of “hope” and do not give up.  Seek out your resources and listen to your inner heart and hold onto determination. 

Living with this dog is like having every day be your birthday. At least now it is, however, it wasn’t like that in the very early days.  As glowing and grateful as we feel these days, let no one doubt we have ever forgotten the dread, worry, sadness, fear and anxiety of our first experience with canine epilepsy and all the twists and turns our desperate struggle took to try to bring the monster under control.  There was a calm before the storm and then a battle raged on we thought would either never end or would end badly – things got better and sometimes there were various crisis and each time we would wonder and hope and pray.  While we appreciated what we had already had together, we couldn’t restrain ourselves from begging for more time with him for we had never known another living creature such as this one.  Zerk is proof that miracles can happen and the miracles continue to this day.  Who knows why some of us are bestowed and blessed with those miracles and why some are not?  The thing is, if you never lose hope then you at least have a chance and maybe you can be as lucky as we are.  Zerk and I would wish that for everyone in gratitude for the blessings we have received.  We don’t know how long we have together but each day is so amazingly wonderful I am at a loss to even put it into words.  We have not forgotten what we went through to get to this point but we now choose not to focus on the battle but to rejoice in the outcome.

I met him on 02/28/98.  I was in my early days of a wonderful long time relationship working with GRRACE (Golden Retriever Rescue and Community Education) in Indiana and living in Lafayette, IN and got notification that I was about to get my very first Foster Dog.  So I went down to Greenwood, IN (south of Indianapolis) to pick him up from the owners who were surrendering him to rescue.  When I pulled up, he was chained up outside, alone, in the front yard.  The family and the new puppy were in the house.  I looked at him and he looked at me and something struck me immediately – his stare never broke and neither did mine till the people realized I had arrived and came outside to greet me.   I went inside and got as much info as I could on him.  Apparently he had landed in the Seattle Washington Animal Shelter in May of 97 and had been pulled by Evergreen Rescue, vetted, fostered and adopted out in about a month or so.  No one really realized at that time he had seizures. A big lumbering gentle giant of a dog, who was kind to all and well mannered and of a mature and settled age was a find and he found a home with a family with two very young children and was doing well.  Not long after being adopted, that family had to relocate from Washington state to Indiana and they made arrangements to fly him and set up a new household together.

Then the seizures began….and the food allergies and other health issues like being 40 lbs overweight but those things were nothing compared to the seizures.  Behaviorally and temperamentally he was fine but physically he had needs they could not manage, either financially or in other ways.  This was a family, on a limited budget and with only one adult working and two young children.  They cared about him and cared for him as best they could but they knew that he would be better off in another home and so they contacted Indiana rescue knowing it was not that feasible to return him to the rescue so very many states away that they had adopted him from.  The rescue here had their blessing and so to us he came.

When I left with him, I put him in the back seat and he laid there and kept staring at me in the rear view mirror the entire trip home – every time I looked at him, he was looking at me.  I knew right then and there this dog would never be adopted out, that I would adopt him myself.  There was just some kind of instant bond there and I knew I would do whatever was in my power to give him the best possible life I could.

He settled in well in our household with the cats and the resident Golden and everything was fine for over two months. It was like “Paradise”!! We almost thought that maybe he wasn’t going to have seizures anymore.  Perhaps something in the environment caused them that wasn’t in our environment?  So much time went by that we thought we were in the clear.  But one night, out of the blue, after nearly 3 months, I woke up thinking there was an earthquake.  No, it was only his head bashing against the baseboard in the bedroom next to the bed where he liked to lay on the floor.  Therein began our real struggles and we had no way of knowing at that time what we were in for.  Yes, it was indeed hell on earth, for him and for us.

Now I had read out seizures, talked to folks, done all kinds of web surfing although I didn’t even know about canine-epilepsy.com or the Epil-K9 list at that time but I had done my homework “just in case”.  Although it seemed I wouldn’t have to actually deal with it after all, I found out pretty quickly that my studies were just beginning.  Thankfully, I found that website and that email list and the wonderful people there gave me the knowledge and the courage, combined with phenomenal vet care in my area to get to a good place with this dreadful monster. Zerk and I are forever in your gratitude.

His pattern was to cluster grand mals about every 60 days.  A nice span between bouts but those bouts were hell.  We are talking about an average of 20 major seizure episodes in a 24 hr period with about a 10 post ictal period.  He paces, he pants, he throws himself at walls, stumbles, falls, eats everything in sight, wants to chase down the cats who he normally cherishes, does not have a clue who you are or whether it is day or night, he is in or out and through all this is constantly dribbling urine everywhere.   We were worried for him, our house was in absolute shambles and everyone was afraid.  Not just afraid, really scared.

So we got him on Phenobarbital and it was surprising how quickly it worked for him. He was at therapeutic levels in 3 weeks! We had his levels done and his liver profile done every 3 months like clockwork.  Luckily for us the liver was handling it well but his levels kept slipping so we finally got close to the point where we were maxed out on dosage and then all hell broke loose.  He had the “mother lode” of seizures” and we very nearly lost him.  This was 06/07/00 and I said we are not going to put up with this if there is any possible way!

Well of course I had been reading on the website and on the email list about Potassium Bromide so I told the vet I wanted to try that.  Well my vets (all 4 of them) knew nothing about it but they have great attitudes allowing that most vets in general practice really don’t know that much about this disease but by golly they can learn.  They did some checking and consulting and bingo – he’s on it!  Amazingly enough, in only a month he was at the therapeutic level on that drug.    We backed off the Phenobarbital very very slowly hoping to eliminate it completely but when we would get to a certain level he would start having what looked suspiciously like “partial focal” seizure activity so since his liver was fine, we finally decided not to fix what was not broken as they say and leave well enough alone.

To this day he has not had another seizure on this regime.  It has been over 5 yrs now.  He has food allergies, seasonal allergies, spots on his lungs, has Spondyliosis, some Laryngeal Paralysis and a problem with intermittent Brachycardia.  Yeah, he’s on lots of meds and it’s a day to day tightrope walk but the worse of all these things has been the epilepsy.  But somehow we have kept it at bay and the other things are managed in various ways and he just keeps on going and has a good quality of life and his happy and active – even at the age of 15 1/2. 

Funny, when we got him, the specialist at Purdue University gave him 6 months to a year to live and that was in the summer of 1998.  Who knew?  Why are we so lucky?  I don’t know but I am grateful beyond belief.  I think there are 3 things that puts the odds in “our” favor.  Our love for each other, the Epil K9 list and good vets. 

Zerk was named for a grease fitting which injects the lubricants into a machine to keep it working smoothly much like his arrival did into our household that had been wounded and was faltering before he joined us. Also it sounded like Xerxes which was his most recent known name.  We don’t even know anything about his early days or his original name. We traced him back as far as we could and even consulted several animal communicators.  He has seen his original younger “brother” Benny succumb to Osteosarcoma on 07/27/03 at that age of only 8, the approximate age Zerk was when he joined us 5 yrs earlier.  He has seen his two younger foster brothers Linus and Alex (only 10 months apart) grow from unruly half grown pups to males in their prime now at nearly 5 and soon to be 6 and to this day both showing him the ultimate respect while nowadays protecting him by walking alongside him on our property and marking over any of his “leavings”.  He only has to “whoof” at them if they get out of hand and they will at first scatter and then return to his side to lick and nuzzle him and then calmly walk behind him as though he is some kind of icon.  He has seen the middle aged cats who were with us when he joined us, leave us in 2001 only six months apart – one at age 12 ½ to a 3 yr. battle with Chronic Renal Failure and the other at 15 ½ to Cancer and he has raised the 3 infant kittens, all 6 months apart in age, who followed and are now grown youngsters.  He has survived a relocation and a bowel obstruction a week after me becoming unemployed and his brother dying of cancer that he had to have surgery for at the age of 13 ½.   He had surgery because he was going to die anyway so why not give it a shot and even though his bad heart stopped twice during surgery, he was restarted, the surgery was successful, he actually survived and recovered.

Just two months ago I came home one day at lunch to find him barely breathing and nearly dead from a stroke.  He was in ICU and on all kinds of heroic measures and to the vet’s credit, I told him this dog is not ready to go and he believed me and pulled out all the stops.  They did not think he would ever walk again but in 24 hrs after bringing him home he was up and doing his business as wobbly as can be.  When I brought him back for a 24 hr “recheck” they asked me what did I do to that dog because he literally pranced in the exam room!  I said “never mind that, what was in that IV because I really need some too!!”  I tell you, I am sometimes think I am going to croak of a heart attack or stroke before this dog does.  Oh you know the stress I am referring to right? Sure you do.  Is it worth it? You bet it is. 

So, we have a lot to be thankful for.  And we only wish everyone could be so lucky.  Maybe you who are reading this will be one of those lucky ones too.  Maybe not.  But it is not for us to know and all we can each do is our best armed with the resource and knowledge we have at our disposal and that precious thing no amount of money in this world can buy – “hope”.

But eventually there came a day he could go on no longer. I laid with him, kissed him, smelled his ears that smell so fresh like a field of new mown hay and looked into his eyes and did as I do everynight and cleared my mind and sang the nite nite song to him " Good night Zerk, puppy nap time, go nite nite, see you in the morning, sunshine bright" and he looked at me and I told him he was a good dog,a final gift for him, the spark went out of his eyes and he sighed one last time and was asleep - forever now I measure life BZ and AZ (Before Zerk and After Zerk)


Waiting for Michelle





Lola was rescued from an abandoned car parked at a drug house. With very little air and no nourishment, Lola and her surviving pup Capri were brought to safety by Dalmatian Rescue. While on the scene of the crime, Dalmatian Rescue was informed by a caring neighbor that this female's male counterpart was taken to the local animal control as he had been barking uncontrollably while locked in a cage in the back yard.

After much searching to no avail, it wasn't until at an adoption fair with the pup Capri that Dal Rescue searched the animal shelter hosting the event one more time. There, frozen in his own tracks was a sad, pitiful lost soul, Emerson. Pati knew it had to be him based on the address on his cage card that matched the address where Lola and Capri were found.

With much anticipation and excitement, Pati reunited the family! What a day that was, one of the most heartwarming experiences to date! Capri went on to find a wonderful forever home. Lola and Emerson were brought back to health. It was when it came time to neuter Emerson that his epilepsy became evident. Immediately after his surgery, he started turning blue and seizing. With the knowledge and experience of epilepsy, Dal Rescue rushed him back to the hospital.

While residing with Dal Rescue, a loyal, compassionate volunteer, Michele took this pair under her wings. Lola and Emerson suddenly had a Dal Pal. Long walks and car rides were anticipated every weekend when Michele arrived. Michele was not is a position to adopt at the time, but gave so much to her new friends. Lola was the star in a Christmas parade while Emerson was hospitalized and could not make an appearance.  Lola visited her husband after the parade and encouraged him to get well soon. Lola even got to spend the night with Emerson in the hospital.

With the attachment Lola and Emerson had to each other, it seemed so unfair to split them up. While Lola was healthy and very adoptable, it was very unlikely that Emerson could find a home. Unfortunately, most people considered this special needs Dal as problematic. That was a heartbreaking reality as Dal Rescue knew how loving and delightful Emerson and Lola were and how much they could add to a family. With medication and monitoring blood levels, Emerson's condition was under control.

When Jim and Maria started volunteering at Dalmatian Rescue, they too fell in love with this husband and wife. It didn't take long for Emerson and Lola to work their way into Jim and Maria's hearts and eventually into their home filled with love and lots of other creatures. Emerson and Lola finally found their forever home.

Jim and Maria are to be commended for their dedication to Emerson and going way above and beyond the call of humanity. They are crushed at their loss.  Lola will be so proud to see the calendar and we know that Emerson was honored to be published. We hope his story can inspires someone to give life to those with special needs just like we do with children, after all, Emerson was a child.......a fur child!

In loving memory,
Dalmatian Rescue, Pati,Jim, Maria, Michele, Lola,Uncle Johnny and all your
fur siblings.....always in our hearts, we love you baby!



Music playing is

From Enya's "A day without Rain "

Fallen Embers

Once, as my heart remember,
All the stars were fallen embers.
Once, when night seemed forever
I was with you.

Once, in the care of morning
In the air was all belonging.
Once, when that day was dawning.
I was with you.

How far we are from morning.
How far are we
And the stars shining through the darkness,
Falling in the air.

Once, as the night was leaving
Into us our dreams were worth keeping.
Once, all dreams were worth keeping.
I was with you.

Once, when our hearts were singing,
I was with you.