Dedicated to those waiting at the Bridge




Feb. 7, l997-Feb. 7, 2000

Mac went to the Bridge on his 3rd Birthday he had a seizure that wouldn't stop. We were with him through thick and thin and miss him dearly. We have him home here with us in our backyard graveyard. We recently bought two howling coyote statues for Mac representing the calling of the pack, one is a full grown coyote and the other is three smaller pups all with heads back howling we also have a birdbath in our graveyard. One day all the rest of our 17 Chihuahua's. Dalmatian, Shepherd/Wolf cross and recently adopted Border Collie will also go to the bridge with Mac and to our graveyard full of LOVE.

Waiting for

Wendy and Ken





June 14, 1994 - February 12, 2000.

From the time we picked her out at the breeders she was the focus of all our attention, we laughed at her funny antics, and cried when the seizures began at 9 months, however she died died of esophageal cancer. We all miss her terribly (especially her human brothers, Billy and Jonathan) and all future dogs will be compared to her.

Waiting for Debbie, Billy and Jonathan



Sir Stimpy Magoo MacDonald-Smith


January 17, 1993-March 2, 2000

Stimpy began his seizures several years ago and battled them for a few years. He was seizure free since 08/99 until he passed away from Lymphoma. He was a remarkable, lovable and true to his feelings-dog. I miss him dearly!

Waiting for Keri



October 10, 1989-March 10,2000

We loved Jake more then we could ever love a pet. Jake gave us much happiness and we loved him very much.

Waiting for Pat and Jenny





August 31, 1993-April 6-2000
waiting for Dawne



Lowenhart Tabermars Elegance CD, CGC, TT


April 28, 1995 - April 1, 2000

Ele was the puzzle puppy, She had no warnings, no triggers, no patterns. She loved everyone, two legged and four legged, was excellent with children and changed many minds about Rottweilers. She was our friend and our guide. Thank you, Babe, for all that you did for us and for getting Ollie and Breezy on the right track. I know you are proud of them. We are too and it helps to know that you helped raise them.


Mommy & Daddy

waiting for Mary and Ted



January 1997-April 18 2000


He was my sweetest baby boy and I will love him always and forever.

waiting for Debbie



January 14 , 1993- May 9, 2000

She was a shining light in my life. I will always cherish the memory of those special times when she lay in front of me, paws crossed, that regal head held high while she held my gaze, those soft brown eyes spoke without words; I felt she could see into my soul. She knew my sorrow, my joy and my frustrations; just the gentle touch of her chin on my knees worked her special magic. Her loss is undefinable but the gift of her unquestioning love is a force that will live with me forever.

Waiting for Barb



Ch Solna's Angel in my Pocket


November 5, 1995 - June 16, 2000

You were my girl.
From the first time
I looked into your eyes
Until the last.
You were my Angel Pie.
Never have I been loved
So completely.
You took my heart
And my soul.
My girl,
I think I will miss most
You simple happiness with life,
Your pleasure over little things:
A bone, a stick, a touch.
You were the sweet one
But also the one
Who lead the pack,
Who kept her mama safe.
I hope you know we tried;
I hope you know my heart
When we had to let you go.
And I wish I could have
Been there
To touch you,
To tell you it was okay
To go.
You were
Far too good for this world.
Good-bye mama's girl;
We'll miss you.

Waiting for Dawn & Roger





April 29 , 1996 - June 21,2000

Letting Go

I had avoided this option for so long but I knew it was finally time,
Epilepsy had taken it's toll on my weakening four-year old friend.
I knew I would long regret it, for it felt like such a crime,
But it just had to be done his suffering needed to end.

I promised I'd always be there, and as I stood by his side,
I said a quiet prayer to God in order to help us through this.
When he slipped away from me so peacefully my tears I tried to hide,
And as I hugged him a final time this dog I knew I would miss.

Even though he was just a pet his departure was hard to bear,
The memories live inside me and remind me of all we had done.
Working to keep him seizure-free took a lot of work and care,
And I hate to think that we gave up but this battle just couldn't be won.

In the end we may have lost but at least I know now he is free.
And never gone completely because a part of him will always remain in me.

by Janelle


Waiting for Janelle





October 24, 1990-August 22, 2000

Sheba was the most loving, devoted German I've ever had; she was truly "my girl". She loved and obeyed Dick, but if she had to walk beside someone, it was me. She was friendly to everyone she knew, and cautious of those she didn't. She was every bit a German Shepherd, and worthy of her breed.

Waiting for Nancy and Dick




3/19/95 - 8/24/000


Gone but never forgotten.

My first, my forever, my heart dog.


Waiting for Gay




My Memphis Belle


Dec. 15, 1994 - Aug. 26, 2000

You came into my life such a sweet bundle of joy, though our time together was short, it seemed like a life time filled with ups and downs as we fought this disease they call epilepsy. The strength you gave me will be everlasting, as you my Sweet Memphis Belle will live forever in my Heart

Waiting for Deb and Corky





June 9, 1988 - September 5, 2000


Goodbye, Randy our sweet little Blubber Man.You were the best little chunk of a Chihuahua that there ever could be
You never let the seizures stop you from getting to your dinner bowl.Our love for you was immediate and never ending.

Waiting for Barbara and Flo






June 15, 1997 to November 3, 2000
"Letting go of a friend, holding on to the memories"

You were beautiful, silly, loving, and gentle. The lives you touched
will be changed forever, for the better. No one could have asked for a
sweeter boy. You gave freely of your love, and every new face was one
to be washed. You were a blessing to our lives, and the memory of your
silly antics still bring us smiles. We love you still.

Waiting for Jan, Hobbit, Cliffy, and Patches




U-CDX Strange Quark UD,TD,OA,NAJ,CGC




"And now ere we part, let us call to mind
Those who have finished their earthly course
And have been gathered to the eternal home.
Though Vanished from bodily sight,
They have not ceased to be, and it is well with them;
They abide in the shadow of the Most High.
Let those who mourn for them be comforted,
Let them submit their aching hearts to God.
For S/he is just and wise and merciful in all doings,
Though no one can comprehend the ways."
"In the divine order of nature both life and death,
Joy and Sorrow, serve beneficial ends,
And in the fullness of time we shall know why we are tried
And why our love brings sorrow as well as happiness.
Wait patiently, all ye that mourn, and be of good courage,
For surely your longing souls shall be satisfied."

from the Jewish Kadish


Waiting for Mindy




6/26/95 -11/27/00.

"But, oh! fell death's untimely frost
That nipt my flower sae early."

from "Highland Mary"

by Robert Burns

waiting for Sandy






If it should be.....

If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle can't be won.

You will be sad, I understand,
Don't let your grief then stay your hand,
For this day, more than all the rest,
Your love and friendship stands the test.

We've had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears.
Would you want me to suffer? So
When the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my needs they'll tend,
Only stay with me to the end,
And hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time that you will see
It is a kindness that you do to me,
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.

Do not grieve it should be you
Who must decide this thing to do -
We've been so close, we two these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

by anon

Waiting for Glen





3/21/94 -12/4/2000

Data, my boy you were the best friend anyone could want, nobody was a stranger to you. The walks on the beach frisbee and ball; Ah what memories you have left me. You cuddled up with us at night, calmed Kelley when the storms came at night. Who can forget the sight of you sticking your head out the window of "das auto". Being bi-lingual (English-German) you amazed many people with your abilities and manners. Daddy and Kelley will always be thinking about you. I wish I could have one last "kuzzen" from you.


Waiting for Allen & Kelley



Samwist's Joshua Tree, CGC, TDI


1987(?) - 12/9/2000

Your background unknown and forever hidden, we had the privilege of sharing only the last short 18 months of your journey on this earth. You were a gentle soul, with a smile and a heart as big as the universe -- the embodiment of unconditional love, warmth, compassion and strength of a true Labrador. With a tremendous gusto for life, you were at times a clown bringing joy to the hearts of all who met you, but when comfort was needed, you gave yourself quietly and peacefully. A true gentleman, a valiant giant in this life, you were loved from the first moment we met. Thank you for sharing your twilight years with us; we wish we could have had longer together. A part of our hearts go with you forever. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, God Bless.....

Waiting for

Sue, Lee, Willow and Rosie





March 1997 - December 13, 2000

"The best dog ever"

waiting for Lydia




Mad Max

August 23, 1993 -December 20, 2,000


A Final Prayer For My Dog

I hope Jesus loves you as much as I do
When you come and lie down by His feet.
I hope that He strokes your long golden hair
And tells you you're handsome and sweet.

I hope Jesus takes you for long, long walks
And gives you cool water each day.
I hope that He gives you your special treats
After you've been out to play.

I hope Jesus takes you for swims in the lake
And throws you a ball or two.
I hope that He knows what a good dog you are,
So loving, so kind, and so true.

I hope Jesus builds you a warm, sturdy house,
Nothing fancy - you've no need for frills.
I hope that He knows of the gap you have left,
And what a large gap you can fill.

I hope Jesus holds you close in His arms,
When the thunder and lightning begins.
I hope that He soothes away all of your fears
And tells you that soon it will end.

I hope Jesus finds you someone to love,
Perhaps there's a child alone, too.
I hope that He lets you sleep on His bed
With His arms wrapped tight around you.

For if there's a heaven, I know there's a place
For a dog as loving as you.
And all I can ask is this simple prayer;
That He loves you as much as I do.

- Lorraine L. Capps


Waiting for Annette and Shadow




6/27/2000 - 12/28/2000

Little Man, you came into our lives with such hope and promise. I still cannot believe that 6 months later the cruel monster that is Inherited Epilepsy took you away. Although our time together was much too short, it was filled with love, laughter and joy. You will always live in our hearts and our sweet memories. But oh, what I wouldn't do for one more little Jordan kiss.

Fondly missed by Gwen and Brad, Jake, Storm and the Dancin Dog



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