Marliese Heart N Soul

30th January 2000 - 2nd January 2010

Orbie was our first show dog and he was very aptly named Heart N Soul because he gave you his heart and soul. From the word go he was full of life and mischief. He drove you nuts one moment then totally melted your heart the next, he was just so giving of himself. Orbs earned his nickname of the "Orbinator" because he would do anything to please you especially if it had food added.

Orbie was always with me keeping an eye on me like my little shadow. Katie joined our family when Orbie was 2 years old and from the first time they met they were inseparable, best buddies. When Katie had her puppies good old uncle Orbie was there to jump on, over and be very understanding. Orbie was so friendly and would get along with everyone, four legged or two and was there to greet everyone.

Orbie had his first seizure at 6 years old and we managed a reasonable control until he left us 4 years later. Orbie sffered from epilepsy but was not defined by it, even on the medication he was on he still was my loving, giving, in your face Orbs. Tahnee, Katie and I miss him so much because he waus just so special to us.

Waiting for
Tahnee, Katie and Chris


Lily Willow Valentine Moore

December 6, 1999- January 13, 2010
Lily was our Golden Girl... and she was ever faithful, a best friend, a constant companion and a gentle and loving sister, to her brother, Tucker.
We will miss her everyday and she will always be our "sweet pea". We love you, "NooNoo".

Waiting for Chip & Jenefer




Friend, Companion, Teacher

December 21, 2007 - February 15, 2010

I don't know if it's truer to say that we found Diesel or that Diesel found us.  We already had two dogs, Presley, a border collie-golden retrieve mix who was 13 at the time, and Haley, a two year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. 

We stopped by Haley's breeder's house one Saturday morning in February 2008 to pick up more dog treats.  While we were there, the lady asked if we wanted to see her new Swissy puppies.  We did.  There was one puppy in the litter that had an eye injury. He watched us the whole time we were looking at the litter.  He was playful, but he was more interested in us than he was in his brothers and sisters at that time.  The breeder told us since we already purchased one puppy from her, that she would give us this puppy if we liked him because she would not be able to sell him.  After having his eye checked that same morning, we found there was no information as to whether or not he would regain his sight, just that his eye has suffered some trauma.  Knowing that Presley had a multitude of health problems, though, and knowing Haley became depressed every time she was alone, we decided it would be good to bring the puppy home so Haley would not be alone.  That day, at seven weeks, this sweet puppy joined our family and became known as Diesel.

Our household was never the same.  We love all our pets, but Diesel was different. He was playful, but he was also extremely loving from the get go.  He grew and matured as any dog would, and we found out from an eye specialist later on, that he would never be able to see out of his right eye.  It didn't matter.  He got around famously, and when I would walk both Swissies together, Diesel always walked on my right, so he could gauge where I was.  He loved to do anything- as long as he was close to us. 

Diesel liked to talk. If you didn't greet him as soon as you walked in the door, he would "woo, woo, woo, woo" in his deep voice until you said hello to him.  He also liked to "swim." No, he was not fond of water.  Instead, he would lie on the floor on his back and do the "backstroke." If you said "swim" to him, he would move his front legs faster and faster in the air, always making us laugh.  When he was done, Diesel would smile, while laying on his back, looking more like a shark than like a loving dog. Then, if you sat on the couch, Diesel would saunter over and would put his muzzle against your cheek.  He didn't lick or bite, he just wanted to be close to you. He was ever gentle.

The only thing Diesel didn't like was getting up early.  Diesel was not a morning dog.  He would roll over on his back with his legs in the air when the alarm went off at 4:30am, creating "dead weight" so it was next to impossible to move him.  To make the scene more dramatic, Diesel would then yawn loudly and would put his paw over his eyes. 

He also loved to play with Haley.  The only pulling Diesel was ever interested in was pulling Haley around the house or yard by her collar.  It was a game, and the winning prize was removing her collar!  They would also lie on the living room floor and "talk whale" together, and it sounded just like Dory did on the movie, Finding Nemo. And when they were done playing, they would lie on a couch together like bookends, or Diesel would sit on a couch with me, and Haley would sit with Steve on the other couch.

And, sometimes when it was time to come inside from his yard, Diesel would play "the Invisible Dog". He would sit stoic, like a statue, at the top of the hill in his yard and wouldn't come in until you walked almost all the way out to him.  Then he would bound to the door, all paws flying.  He even enjoyed rain and snow because he knew he would get "swooshed " with a towel to remove any dampness from his coat before he went back in the house.  He would wiggle, body and tail, as I made the "swoosh, swoosh" noise while I wiped off his coat.

It was not until he was about a year old that Diesel had his first seizure.  After a multitude of tests and blood work, we found out he had epilepsy.  That didn't stop him or change his personality though.  He experienced each seizure with grace, and bounced back and remained the same happy, gentle and loyal companion he always was.

Diesel was like a dream-catcher, but instead of catching "bad things" he captured hearts.  He loved our neighbor’s visits, and we began referring to our neighbor as Uncle Carl because of Diesel's love for him.  He became a foreman at one time, supervising construction work at our house, because the guys enjoyed Diesel's company. And he always enjoyed helping our cleaning lady who visits every other week.  I am not sure how much Diesel helped her, but he sure was tired by the time we came home from work those days. 

All in all, Diesel made our house a home.  He could easily convey his emotions through his eyes and the way he held his ears, he never wanted to hurt anyone or anything and he could never imagine anyone not loving him.  Diesel was larger than life and was a teacher to me, as much as he was a friend and companion.  He was fearless in the love he conveyed, the way he lived life and in the way he dealwith the disease that ultimately took his life. Diesel knew how to be patient, how to be a true friend and how to love life.

I only mentioned the fact that he had epilepsy briefly in his story because Diesel was not an epileptic dog, he was rather a dog with epilepsy.  Yes, he had seizures.  Yes, we tried constantly to regulate his medication- first with Phenobarbital, then with Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide, and finally about three weeks before he died we were in the process of moving to Keppra which made him feel outstanding!.  We went through the regular blood tests to monitor levels, and we endured the heart-wrenching helplessness of helping him through his seizures.  The day Diesel died, he showed no signs of illness.  He was happy and energized and he was playful, right until the end when he endured a seizure that took his life.


 Thank you for teaching me more about joy, love, life and acceptance
 than I ever thought I would learn. I love you and miss you
more than words could ever express. 
Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. 

Your Mom,




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Love forever,

2002? - March 5, 2010
Toby was with me, in his body, from August 23, 2007 until March 5, 2010 .
He gave me the opportunity to perfect my love.
I think I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.





6 June 2007- 13 March 2110

The neigbors all called Sherlock "a gentle soul" and he was. Neither Beth nor I can remember him ever growling at anyone.
He loved marrow-bone dog biscuits and he loved to go for walks. He especially liked visiting the neighbors' yard across the street where he could wander freely in
a chain-link fence yard.
Sherlock also loved climbing a ramp into my bed to sleep every night.
He will be sorely missed. We love you Sherlock!

Your Mom,
Thereasa & Beth





September 2003 – April 2010

Living with an epi dog is not a burden …it’s a life style.

It’s been a month already and we still cannot and will not get use to the idea that you are gone. We'd give anything for those days back. We still sleep on half of the bed waiting for you to “claim” the other half…we still jump on every strange sound and still looking for you every few seconds no matter what we do to make sure you’re ok…we still tend to go call you for meds every twelve hours…the meds that ruined your liver but…the meds that gave us 6 years together…6 great years that changed our lives forever.

You are ok now…you are finally resting in your back yard. You are waiting for us as you always did and we are waiting for the time we’ll meet again and we’ll kiss your big black beautiful head and run together again.

Rest in peace Nero baby! We love you … we always will and we’ll never forget you!
Your mom & dad (Dana & Jean)




Dagmars Sammy

July 1, 2000 - July 9, 2010

We picked you up from your owner who just didn't want you anymore and as we put you in the car, we looked at each other and said "What have we gotten ourselves into?" You were a mess - ears so infected that you smelled and uncontrollable seizures. But through it all, you calmly accepted all that happened to you with a grace that could teach all of us how to deal with adversity. Slowly, we discovered the real you - the pup who we were told never barked who couldn't stop barking in excitement at meal time; the pup who loved attention and would softly put his paw on your arm when you stopped scratching him; the pup who got so excited at the word "walk" that he would run to the wrong door.

We only had you a short 8 months but we couldn't have loved you more if we had had you as a pup.

Dagmar and Jeff



Cindy's Lexie


Adopted March '06 - 7/12/2010

Lexie came into my life from the Florida Great Pyrenees Club Rescue. The day I picked her up I could not believe how lucky I was. She was everything and more than I had thought.Although she was to be a "working dog" a livestock guardian dog to keep the bobcats/raccoons away from my ducks and chickens we brought her inside to help her adjust to her new home. She had never been in a house before. It didn't take long for her to realize the bed was a very comfortable place. Her gentle ways amazed me. She was truely a
"gentle giant". She was retired from her working status after the seizure behaivor started. Which I believe had already started but as a "working dog" had not been noticed. She loved to go for a ride and was one of those you would see with her nose out of the window. She did all my home visits with me as I knew what to expect from her. She loved kids and little dogs and cats. We did one home visit where this was a kitten who "stalked" her while we were there - it didn't take long before the kitten was right there beside her. We spent the 4 years in and out of vets(5), trying to figure out "what was wrong with Lexie". Many nites were spent with her as she had her seizure behaivors.We had dx of seizures, gum diesease, and auto immune issues . With all the testing nothing ever clued us in that it was a cancer. We finally got our dx on 7/3 - HSA via ultra sound. Masses that had spread from the spleen, heart , bladder and possibly the skin. She was beautiful inside and outside... and she was my "heart dog".

She was in my arms when she crossed over to the bridge on 7/12/2010.- She is sooo missed.....

Goodbye my Dear Friend

Goodbye my dear friend. It is time for you to go
tho my heart is full of grief and despair, I must let you go

my mind races as to what else I can do
anything to keep that unknown assailant’s attack at bay
Tho I know I have done all that can be done
and I know you too have fought what is a noble war

I had hoped to watch you grow old
to see the silver slide across your nose
to watch you slowly get up at the beginning of a day
And to know on that final day we had lived your life to the supreme

But it is not to be that way.
We must part way too soon
You take a huge part of my heart with you as you go

Now as we face that known assailant together
I know you will feel safe in my arms when I let you go
and that you will just slip away to wait for me
to join you on the other side in that place called the " Rainbow Bridge"

Run Free Lexie Girl chase those Raccoons away ........

Waiting for






Miss Tee’s Evening Shade
February 8, 1996 – August 13, 2010

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." (Author  unknown)
Gone but never forgotten. Till we meet again my gentle girl,
Loved and missed always by Jan and Lexi
London, Ontario Canada


flower bar




Columbia's Shining Son, CGC ("Cory")

May 21, 1997 – September 17, 2010

Cory was my "forever" dog, the one I will hold in my heart above all other pets I have ever or will ever care for. I love animals and treat all of my animal companions as if they are human members of my family, but Cory was simply very extra special. It may be the bond that grew between us because he had epilepsy. I was the one with him when he had his first grand mal seizure, and I was the one that went on the epic journey through the internet to educate myself as to what I could do for him. He seemed to know intuitively about my efforts and how much I wanted to help him. We battled the seizure monster for 5 years and finally found a "cure" by changing his food to an all raw, organic meat on the bone diet, without grains. It didn't happen overnight, but by the time Cory passed away, he had made it to his five-year seizure free anniversary, without us ever having to use anti-epileptic drugs. Cory could be so funny one minute and so full of dignity the next that my heart would like to burst from the emotions that overflowed from it. We had almost 13 ½ years of enjoying the Pacific Northwest together, getting some of the best camping sites by some of Washington State's most beautiful lakes and rivers, and going on hikes where we could explore together whenever we could get away. Cory inspired me to write a book about his life, ("Cory's Story") which was completed before he passed away, so it does not have a sad ending where the dog dies. Hopefully it is a book that can help other dogs who are beginning or in the middle of their journey through canine epilepsy with information we learned along the way. If not, it is still a heartfelt tribute to the best dog I ever knew. My last whisper in Cory's ear was a plea that he be the first one to greet me when my time comes to cross over the rainbow bridge. That will give me comfort and courage beyond measure. In the meantime I will try to live up to the standards Cory lived by, which I will never achieve as perfectly as Cory had, but they are good to work towards anyway – that is to be honest, kind, thoughtful, courteous, respectful of others (except when it comes to unprotected food, of course), joyful, and reverent to the Creator. Until the day we can run again together….your earth mommy, Sandra DeMers

Love you my boy! Waiting for your family,
Sandy, Jay and Jayson




"Dirti" Boy Cleatus S. Muhlenkamp
June 25, 2001 - October 30, 2010

Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don't cry for me
My spirit is near

I'll watch for you
From the other side
I'll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn't the end
It's a brand new start.

-Carol Kaufner

Waiting for Carie




We got KC from a local pet store as a puppy so we didn't really know what to expect. She turned out to be the smartest, most obedient and loving friend we ever knew. It always amazed me how intelligent she was and how easily she learned things. She was a real handful when she was young, no matter how high the fence was she was always sitting on the driveway when we got home. If we left her inside the house we would always find something chewed like a shoe just to let us know how she felt about being left out of where ever it was we were going. She LOVED to swim and play ball and was a real part of the family. Even during the last year of her life she would still try to play ball but would only fetch it once or twice. It was clear that she was declining but she never wanted to show it. We miss her terribly after having her as part of our family for 13 wonderful years.

Waiting for

Jim & Diane





Adopted 10-24-1998 - 11-11- 2010

It was 12 years ago, in October 1998, that someone who knew me was walking past the PTS room at a local animal shelter. He saw a smooth, red Dachshund in there and immediately asked why he was being put to sleep. On being told that the dog had separation anxiety and was unrehomeable my friend told the staff to do nothing until he had spoken to someone he knew. He phoned me and I phoned Valerie Skinner at Dachsie Rescue. She told me that if I assessed him with my crowd and I said he was okay if he was with other dogs then she would take him and find him a home with other dogs. His name was Sam which we thought was a coincidence because all our dogs at that time had names beginning with 'S' and our big Sam had died just a year before.

He was skinny and smelly but very sweet and affectionate. We were told that he was between 2 and 5 years old. He never did get to go to Dachsie Rescue, I often joked that we were still assessing him! Sam had lots of health problems over the years, the last two years spent battling Lafora Disease. But with the wonderful care given to him by everyone at Manchester Street Vets (and my care at home!) Sam had a good life.Whilst I am very sad because Sam has died, I know that he was happy for those 12 years and enjoyed himself and was loved very much. In those 12 years he was never on his own once, he always had at least two dogs for company when my husband and I weren't there.

Waiting for
Jean & Brian




Boo Boo Bear

September 6th 1997-December 9th 2010


Boo Boo Bear was and will always be like a child to us, whose job it was to give us unending love & attention. There was nothing more we could have asked for. He was a friend to all with a healthy, mischievious nature that kept us on our toes. His brother Yogi Bear and ourselves will miss him dearly. We are all better off for having hin in our lives.

Anita Quittner & John Dunn