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Angel Lady Bitty 12/25/2002 - 2/18/2013





Jan 2002 - 2nd March 2013

''You fought many brave battle with so many twists and turns, not just the epilepsy but the ataxia it brought with it, then the cancer and more recently a stroke. Until this last bump in the road, a battle we could not win. Sadly you were running out of time and we were running out of options, the only one left was to say goodbye and let you be forever at peace. You will always be my Jeddiwarrior, rest in peace sweet boy

Waiting for Helen "xx''

Angel Jed with best friend Tallula





April 4th 2006-December 2003

You came into our lives as a fluffy bundle of joy and brought such love and meaning into our lives. You loved your life - even though it was a short one. You were an amazing boy, who loved to swim and used to play with your ball and balloons by yourself, throwing them up in the air and catching it by yourself.

For us there will be no more "husky zoomies" around the house, no more "crazy Bob" moments, no more waiting at the door for "mommy to come home", no more "husky conversations" , no one for Guy (my son)to give dinner time treats to, no more opening Dee's ( my mom) bedroom door to ask to go out at night, no more waking Jed (my other son) and his cats up first thing in the morning, and worst of all .... no more Bob!
But for you my boy there is no more seizures, no more illness, no more loss of your dignity and no more pain.

You have been my constant companion, my baby - and I thank you for the unconditional love you gave to all of us. You have taken a huge chunk of my heart with you and left a void in my life that will not be filled. Rest in Peace Baby Boy - Be happy, be free. I love you and will miss more than you will ever know. Your collar is hanging in my car and every time I get into the car I give it a little touch and know that you are still with me.

Till we meet again my Bobby.

Love Desi




June 1, 2000 - May 28, 2013)

Tara, my precious little girl, you gave epil golden Branco zest in life again, when we brought you home from The Netherlands, some months after Branco’s best friend Tara One died. I remember, when you were a little puppy, Branco jumped off the bed, right on top of you. Oh my, you kept yelping and yelping, so much pain. But you fully recovered fast and you never reproached Branco for what she – unintentionally – did. Then Branco passed and we all grieved, so eventually we got golden Lina, your new best friend. I picture you and Lina, sitting outside in front of the backyard door, waiting. It was you who always did the barking for Lina, to let us humans know you and Lina wanted to be let inside. Such a brave and very lovable little dog you were, and you and Lina were inseparable.

Now it’s just Lina and the two kitties… and the 2 humans…Tara, I’m so very sorry we had to help you to the bridge, but the quality of your life had diminished so very much, with your serious, incurable, health problems, you were just a faint shadow of the happy bouncing little dog you were before. And, although you refused to show it, I’m as good as sure you were suffering, and that is something I could not let go on.

Tara, we love you and miss you, always will,
Chris, Jef, golden Lina and british shorthairs Bibi & Bo




July 1/ 1999-July2/ 2013

Little Man, Mister, Middy, Tykie, my baby Tyke; you appeared in this world on July 1, 1999, and presented me with your adorable, vibrant face a couple of months later. How could I have resisted you? You were the one with that oh-so-boxer curiosity and that big, boxer smile with an under bite that would melt anyone’s heart. Your black, shiny fur and your big white stripe from your forehead to your muzzle had me at hello. You filled my life with so much joy and wonderment and you taught me how to be patient. You, who suffered so, with that terrible monster-of-a-disease called Epilepsy, did so with all of the grace and beauty that showed your true soul. For it takes a truly strong spirit and a brave heart to duck the waves that were always coming at you. But, you did. And you did it with a wag and a lick and an “I love you, Mom and I will survive”. For that, I am eternally grateful. Even through your battles, you remained forever a champion and forever courageous. You could play soccer with the best of them and when it came to snuggle time, well, you were my bed hog, my pillow companion, and my comfort. I am heavy-hearted and broken today, a day just one day after your 14th birthday that I had to say goodbye. I know, I know with conviction, that I will see you again and that you will certainly be watching over me. I know and I know with certainty that my heart will always be full of you, full of your kisses, full of your companionship, full of your patience. You, my Little Man, my Mister, my Middy, my Tykie, my baby Tyke; you will never be forgotten. Play in peace and play hard. Play with your friends, play with your mother Kayleigh and your friend Kelty. Teach them your special gift of patience and show them your overflowing love.
I love you Tyke. I love you.






6/19/2004 - 8/13/2013
To all the EPI pet owners of this list, never give up hope!

Waiting for
Lorri & Jim




Boris C. Rishe

4/ 2/ 2008- 9/ 18/ 2013

Dearest Baby Boy: You were the morning light and the evening stars. You brought so much love into our lives. Love for mom and dad, love for Bella and love for everyone you met. You never complained about anything, living your life in peace and dignity, passing over the bridge in the same way. The day you came into our home was one of the best of our lives. The day you left us was one of the worst. I miss our quiet evenings in the living room, your kind companionship, and your joyful love for all your ducks. Your painting hangs in the house as a daily reminder of your beautiful face. To my Borrito, may you play in peace for eternity and I wait for our reunion.




Jens Joachim Baltazar

11/14/2009 - 10/23/2013

First time we met,
You exploded out of your crate,
Charging at full speed,
Towards all life had to offer.

Your soft brown eyes,
Twinkled with ceaseless mischief,
But when one looked deeper,
There was a love of unlimited measure.

To sit and stay you learned in a day,
However, walking on a leash was a struggle,
Always watchful for the flying birds,
Ready to follow them into the open sky.

Your coat was a shiny black onyx mantle,
Your shirt was starched white with black speckles,
Your long black legs ended with white stocking feet,
And your Dane tail was black with a fluorescent white tip.

Jumping and leaping in the freshly fallen snow,
Losing your favorite bright yellow tennis ball,
You tunneled under the endless layers of white wool,
Emerging with a face covered with white crystals.

Blinking through frozen eyelashes and wearing white whiskers,
You proudly pranced through the drifts with your prize,
The yellow ball firmly clenched between your teeth,
Your head held high, until you dropped it again.

Our time together was so very precious to me,
You shared your unconditional love with everyone,
Your goofy smile and your twinkling eyes,
Won over anyone and everyone we ever met.

You breezed through my life,
A zephyr whirlwind of love,
And as quickly and you came,
You left at same warp drive speed.

Jens Joachim Baltazar
Thank you for coming into my life!
I will never forget you!




September 21, 2001 ........ November 30, 2013

When I try to put into words our years with this special little guy, my thoughts are swimming around in my head. We got this little fellow; he was obviously from a puppy mill. The first time I saw him it was " Love At First Sight". He was in a local Pet Store. He looked so very lost. I brought him home, my husband kept saying ... "but he is not Black". We had two small black poodles 4 years before. Well, this little white bundle of Joy stole my husbands heart as he had mine before. We helped him, the very best we could, with his special needs, it wasn't a chore or inconvenience, it was the best kind of Love. The Love was unconditional both ways. He was our "Little Boy Dog". After 3 years seizure Free .... Winnie stepped back. The reason we may never know. There will be a great void in our lives for all days to come. He was a very special White Ball of Unconditional Love in our family. He will be missed but Never forgotten. Love Ya " Little Boy". We will see you one day soon beautiful boy.

John & Justine

Song is "The Dance" by Garth Brooks.

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