Dedicated to those waiting at the Rainbow Bridge




Daniel Boone Kelly



3/12/86 - 1/5/2001


Kelly went to sleep in his mom and dad's arms approximately 1.40 pm on Friday January 5th 2001. He was 14 yrs. 9 + mos old. He suffered from congestive heart failure with pulmonary edema, was deaf as he wanted to be , couldn't see too well and had about 6 teeth left. We love you so much sweet dog, and miss you more than words can say. Left behind to cherish his memory and grieve his passing are: "wife" Samantha Jane" "Stepdaughter" Pi, son Buddy "brother" Eric Ferguson, "sister " Jennifer Shannon, and human parents Bill and Dawne Ferguson-Prance. He was preceded in death by his daughter Beatrice Ann and his "uncle" Larry McCarthy He was just the best dog ever

Waiting for Bill and Dawne



Waiting for Eileen



Waiting for John and Jo


12/4/96 - 1/15/2001

Yasmine was a special dog. Not only was she special because she had to deal with the seizure monster like so many other precious pups in the world, but she was special because she was not just a dog, a fmily pet, a friend, but she was also my eyes. She was a well very trained guide dog from Guide Dogs of America. I trained with her in November of 1998 and she was very good at her work, guiding me around obstacles, making life a more enjoyable place. I used to tell her she was a puppy with a purpose, and a cherished friend right up to the end. My husband Greg, daughter Shawna and son Billy are hurting as much as I am. We have plaques and pictures set up as a special memorial to her here at home. My daughter made Yasmine an honorary angel, and how right my daughter is! Maybe that's what made Yasmone so special and precious. We loved her so much


Waiting for Sue, Greg, Shawna and Billy


December 23, 1998 - January 18, 2001

Midnight, with the passing days your memory only grows stronger, how well I
remember the fun we had playing chase and Frisbee. Oh, how we miss your
endless nudges looking for attention. Who could forget the joy you
expressed when we returned home from work and how it helped us forget the
stress of the day. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts!

Unfortunately, Midnight had to be put to sleep after contracting a very
severe case of Canine Epilepsy. It was the hardest thing my Wife and I have
ever had to do. Please, if you have a Belgian Shepherd take part in the U.
of C. - Davis' Epilepsy Study (Other breeds are being tested too). Go to
their web site and request your free DNA sample kits.

Waiting until the time we will be companions again:
Dale and Theresa Niesen



11/19/96 - 1/20/2001

The sweetest, most loving Gordon I have had the pleasure to own.

He is at peace now.

Waiting for Lynne, Karly & Jazz.




7/28/1989 - 1/21/2001

Jessie was supposed to live forever. Or at least still many, many more
years. Jessie was a significant dog in many ways. She got me interested in
the breed, as far as becoming the editor of the breed club's magazine for
several years and a member of the board and the breeding committe. Jessie
was born in Finland's first litter of PONs. She lived on three decades and
was successfully shown in five countries. She made unforgettable impression
to those who got to know her, around the world. She even launched a new
expression within her breed ("sour cabbage") in my country, describing her
character, unique sense of humour, stubborness and independent nature and
personality. Jessie will be greatly missed. She left many good memories after her and
with those memories we try to fulfil the huge empty room there is now that
she is gone. We find comfort in knowing that Jessie is now in peace and with
her good pal Jepson, my first PON pup who only got to live 1 year and a day,
and was at her time Jessie's best friend.


Waiting for
Majka, Jeica & Jes-Tas; and Tiina who gave her the best home ever.




8/16/92 - 2/2/2001

My Angel Bo I miss you so much! It was such a blessing to have you in my life.
You were a wonderful friend and companion. You taught me so many things. I learned what true
friendship really means.
My heart aches for you. Rest peacefully in God's loving arms. Always stay near me. I'll love you
forever Bo. Until we meet again

Waiting for Karen


Jasmine du Clos de Lussagnet




9/4/1994 - 2/4/2001

. Plum was my friend, my companion, my inspiration. Her only fault was an occasional tendancy to
'exercise' the cats. Everyone who met her loved her, I would get approached by complete strangers
who knew my dog and wanted one of her incredible dalmatian smiles. She started having seizures in
February 1999, but it wasn't until more than a year later that we realised she was hypothyroid. We'd
begun to get the seizures properly under control when she was hit by a strep infection. Being the
brave, tough dog she was she battled it for three months before losing the fight and leaving all her
family bereft.

Waiting for Viccie, Willie, Roshnara, Diana and Christina.



Ballingarry's Payday


5/27/93 - 2/10/2001

What can one say about a pup who brought such sunshine and joy into my life?
Murphy had a wonderful nature and a personality all his own. He was willfull
but smart, sweet loving and loyal. It was an absolute delight to watch him romp
around the yard ,whether playing with his sister or just playing by himself.
Murphy fought this devastating disease valiantly and with grace.
I feel blessed to have been his Mom. Murphy is missed terribly and will always be loved

Waiting for Cheryl




7/6/94 - 2/22/2001

Kara, Kara, black and white,
Never did give up the fight.
You changed our lives, oh so much!
Living with this terrible crutch.
Nose to the ground,
No tracks to be found.
Chasing demons, never more.
Over the bridge, you did soar.

Waiting for Waiting for Ken, Sherry, Madi, Kristi & Gabbo




March3, 2001

He was 9 years old which, I think is pretty good life-span from what
I've read on the list, but I just wasn't ready to have him leave just yet....
too soon. But I'm glad we gave him a good home after his previous owners
didn't take him with them when the went to Europe. They came back and
changed their minds about living there a few months later I found out just a
few weeks ago... I would have let them have him if they wanted him back. I
could handle his leaving for that or for a home that wanted him so very much
that they would give him the kind of care he deserved, but I just wasn't ....
am not ready to let him go right now.... he was the only one of our pack who
NEVER failed in his house breaking until the last. A remarkable little guy.
He even put up with the fosters without going thru the marking contest that
Barney insisted on making with every male rescue. He was rather like having
a bachelor uncle around... and no dog will ever have a bark like his obligatory
"WUFF" He was a love sponge and would bark that'WUFF!" only when
the rest of the pack were barking, just to say he was living up to his canine responsibilities.
Waiting for Joanna

12/19/95 - 3/3/01
"Patrick you are sorely missed."
Waiting for Susan


July 28, 1998 - March 6, 2001
" who possessed beauty without vanity
strength without insolence
courage without ferocity
and all the virtues of man without his vices
This praise which would be
unmeaning flattery
if inscribed over human ashes is but a just tribute to the memory of a dog"
Lord Byron
Waiting for Rachel





2/17/98 - 3/17/01

My dear, sweetest Domino, I hope you are running around with all the other
little doggies in heaven, having fun, being care-free, suffering no more.
We all miss you terribly. We did not realize how empty our lives were until
the day you were born. Since then, we know what the true meaning of love,
devotion, friendship, unselfishness, kindness, and compassion really is.
You gave us the greatest gifts in life that we couldn't ever have imagined.
There are no words to express how much we truly love you and miss you. You
were our little spotted son, our best friend. I wish we could have given
you a life without trouble, sadness, and pain. We tried the best we could,
but it seems our efforts proved futile. We will think of you often, praying
for your happiness in heaven. Our hearts feel empty without you. We love
you, sweet puppy.

Waiting for Christine, Connie, Michele, Jennifer, Paul and Peter





Our Rusty Boy. You were a fighter until the very end.  We hope you are running, jumping and wagging your tail like never before. Unfortunately age took those things away from you awhile ago but you still managed to fool people about your age with your puppy face. We miss you more than words can express. You were our shadow, there whenever we turned around. Now our turn arounds are much lonelier. You were the crumb picker upper, now our floors are much dirtier. Thank you for being the best & cutest dog a person could ever have. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will always love you!!

Waiting at the bridge

for Val & Marty




Sadie Mae

November, 1997 - March 29, 2001

Sadie Mae was both the very first Newf we fostered and adopted. Sadie's former family had severely neglected her, yet her spirit was never broken. She was a pistol, a fire cracker. She was sassy.... and we adored her as she adored us.

However, the fates were not kind to her. She soon had her first seizure... and was eventually diagnosed with Epilepsy. The seizures became more frequent, and she often had cluster seizures. Our vet prescribed all the typical anti-seizure meds, and they gave her good control. However, she reacted adversely to the meds, and had a side effect to the drugs called ataxia. This means she had little control of her back legs. We had to use a sling to help her walk on most days. She weighed 120 pounds, so this was no easy feet, but we did it.

One night, Sadie became very ill. We rushed her to the vet, and no matter what they did, she continued to slip away. Sadie crossed the bridge 3 days later. Words can not describe the devastation we felt.

The day she died, I wrote this: Star Light Star Bright The First Star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might See my Sadie's Star tonight. And when I look up into the sky, I know that the very first star I see is Sadie's star, dazzling the heavens with her spirit.

Waiting for


8/7/85 - 3/31/2001
Waiting for Penni and Stan
11-23-90 to 4-6-01


Gone, but never forgotten

Dedicated to Midnight, my best friend,

There's an old song entitled "You are my Sunshine",
And that truly describes you, my very special friend,
There was only one thing you wanted out of your short life,
And that was to be by my side, all the time.

You were my "Sunshine" for so many years,
From before daybreak, until late at night,
You were always by my side,
That's where you seemed to be happiest.

You have crossed the bridge, now I know you are in heaven,
And I will cherish all the memories I have of you until we meet again,
And I will think of you every day and every night,
Until we meet again. I miss you, my very special Sunshine.

Waiting patiently at the Bridge
Bob and Joanie


Ribbons will be greatly missed for a long long time. She was sweet, stubborn, funny, adorable, unforgettable and
sometimes insufferable. Right now it feels like the giant ache in our hearts will never ease. But it does make us
smile to picture her at the rainbow bridge, reunited and romping and playing with her brother Blue and her mother
Waiting for Preston and Reba
April 20
Waiting for Judy
Feb. 14, 1997 - April 28, 2001
Max, may you be running like the wind chasing your birds and butterflies.
We miss you very much but know you are free from pain and suffering. Always
keep the Rainbow Bridge in sight and watching for Missy (17 year old
Beagle). The house is very quiet without you and Missy is constantly
looking for you. Look down at the cross we made for your special place.
Missing you but you will always be in our hearts.
Waiting for Britt, Vicki, Missy, Amanda and Roger Bowen
Ivan Bukruian Putnam
Jan 16, 1989-April 29, 2001

Ivan loved life. He woke up every day ready to have a good time. He loved everyone, but the feeling wasn't always mutual, as he could be exasperating in his pursuit of fun. However his loyal, loving nature over rode everything else until he made his way under your skin and into your heart, there to stay forever. That's how it happened with me. Ivan lived next door. When he was 4, my husband died and Ivan decided that it was his job to take care of my household, so he moved in and adopted us. I already had a dog and several cats and was not thrilled about another animal. But Ivan had decided I needed him and that was it. He helped me through that hard time and many more just by being Ivan. When he was 11 and started to have seizures, it was my turn to help him and I did, gladly. He had a good life until a couple of months before he left us. I'm sure that Ivan is waiting for me somewhere. And while he's waiting, he'
s driving his sisters, Pandy and Pippy, crazy and having a wonderful time doing it. I love you and miss you, Ivan. Thank you for loving me and your whole family with all of your great big heart

May 1 2001
Waiting for Bill and Marty
July or August 1994 - 13 May 2001
I miss your wet kisses and beautiful loving eyes. I miss you waking me up,
standing beside the bed touching my nose with your cold, wet nose. Looking
at me as if saying, "Hi Mom, I'm sooo happy to see you".
I would do anything to have you waking me up again, demanding petting and
attention. I would do anything to see you running like the wind as you used
You were such a good boy...always wanted to do the right thing.
There are no words good enough to describe you, nor to say how I feel
without you. You were Mom's boy, my brave darling boy.
I wish I were right, thinking that it's you, when warm wind slightly touches
my cheek. I'm sure it's you; you always wanted to know where I was. You
loving, caring you.
Hope you are feeling better now, no pain and no seizures. I hope you wait
for me, so we can be together again when my time comes.
Loving and missing you Tomppa
waiting for
Mom Sari, Dad Kalle, brothers Ressu and Topi, and many others who knew you
Scott (Mon Jovis Great Scott)

December 5, 1991 - May 21, 2001
We think of you as our Sweet Brie because you have the kindest, most gentle soul in the universe. You snuggled close when we held you as a tiny "mocha baby" and you stayed close as you grew to become an 85 lb. lap dog. We miss your sweet hugs when you pressed against our legs as we returned home. We miss hearing you actually say "Hello" (we're still amazed that you taught yourself so that you could answer along with your parrot brother Merlin). The image of you in our hearts is you standing proud on the levee at your beloved baylands, the sunlight amplifying the glowing light which always surrounded you and the wind gently caressing your flowing coat.
We know you've joined your brothers Sampson and Bozo across the bridge and that you're all waiting for us. True love never dies.
Waiting for Ed, Sheri, Daisy Mae, and Merlin

February 20, 1998 - May 30, 2001
Rest in peace and play with the other pups, dear Hagan, free of your demons. There are no demons or drugs in Heaven. You taught me so much in your short life; my guardian, my teacher, my best friend. I am honored and blessed to have had the privilege to share life and love with you. I will always miss you. I will never forget you. If you get to come back before I cross over to you, try to find me. I'll know you if you come.
Waiting for Judy.
7/12/95 - 7/28/01
I miss him so much my little Angel he's no
longer waiting for his wings.
July 1989 - July 2001
Maui had wonderful smile. She was always such a happy trooper of a dog.the age of 12. She had a wonderful life, was a therapy dog and brought so many so much joy. Everyone who knew her loved her. And she is waiting "under" the bridge playing in the water.
Waiting for Sandi
May 13 1999 - August 14 2001

You love to much and left to soon..I love you and will see you on the other side.
Waiting for Sheryl


August 22 1997 - August 23 2001
Spud was a beautiful, sweet natured Border Collie who loved to be cuddled. We are truly grateful for the four wonderful years we were given to share our lives with him. He will always be in our hearts and we will never forget him.
Waiting for Rosemary, Barry and Tess.


One Candle

If lighting this candle would stop my tears,
I would light a hundred, and dry my eyes.
If lighting this candle would ease my sorrow,
I would light a thousand, and smile again.
If lighting this candle would bring you back,
I would light a million, and await your return.
But lighting this candle won't stop my tears,
Won't ease my sorrow, and won't bring you back.
So I won't light a million, a thousand,
Or even a hundred, I will light just one candle.
One candle, for one who was unique in my life.
One candle, because I loved you like no other.
One candle, because there will never be another you.
One candle, for one who meant everything to me.
By Karla Bertram



Lady Pup
July 1, 1999 - August 28, 2001
In Loving Memory of Lady Pup
she is happy and free......
can you see her running????
look quickly in the clouds , at the bridge,
you can see her if you look hard enough and she is running
free and healthy and happy.
Goodbye my sweet baby girl.
There never was a more beautiful tri coloured Border Collie girl ever,
inside and out, her heart was as beautiful as the
outside of her.

Duncan of Fernwood



March 24 1999 - August 22 2001

My beautiful tri-color boy....I miss your kisses on my chin.... I miss your ears laying back and down , and your body waggling in joy to see me when I arrive home.... I miss your sitting by the window, guarding our home and keeping an eye on the coming and goings in the neighborhood. ...I miss you coming to find me when Gabby, your min-doxie friend, and Pam arrived for our walk and you would bark your special , "guess whose here, Mom bark.... I miss watching you do your tricks - lie down , shake, sit, play dead, and the always so hopeful for treat look....I miss watching you bound through the meadows, chasing bunnies.... I even miss you drinking out of the toilet.
My best friend and companion, I know you are at the Bridge playing with Spud and your friends, waiting with Mom until we meet again. Acient people said that those touched by epilepsy were touched by the gods....and I was truly blessed to have you for even a short time Waiting to scratch your ears, my brave one.
Vicky, Carl, Tyce, Nick and Laddie ( all missing you)



Roses Tried and True Blue, CGC, TDI, HIC

Rosie was easy to love and spoil in spite of having quite the sense of humor in the herding and obedience ring. She was a great therapy dog and neighborhood child magnet. Kids climbed all over her and she was a self appointed nanny. No one got into any danger on her watch. Mostly she was happy flopping on the couch or taking long walks on the nearby trails. She was a true companion and went many, many places in her life. A mauling in March left her with an underlying spinal injury that would eventually take her life but until her last month, she seemed healed and happy and was creeping up on two years seizure free, she made it to one year and eleven months. No small feat for a dog on no meds. She has a legacy. Thyroid disease was not a well-known thing here and when it became clear she had problems as a young dog, we got insistent with the clinic, brought in articles, research, etc. As a result the clinic has a very large thyroid practice and many dogs are enjoying improved health in Southeastern Michigan thanks to Rosie. I will miss her forever, but she is running free and can once again get up and walk, something that she could not do in her final days. I will see her again.






Febuary 3, 1993 - September 17th

" My gentle giant" she was my companion, my life, she was there when I needed support, she would put her big head in my lap, no matter what time it was. I miss you so much, but I know you are free of pain and suffering, now you can run, play and swim.
Sammy, Mummy and Grandma





12 June 1998 - October 30 2001

Squeeky came as a rescue when he was 4 years old. In his younger years he
was very affectionate and loved nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa. We
miss him "singing" along to the noise of a harmonica - he could easily "out
wooooo" the rest of the family. Unfortunately old age made him quite bad
tempered and grumpy, but we still miss him and look to the skies on a sunny
day and think of his spirit soaring. Now we can see past the bad times and
love him for what he was, a handsome boy who everyone loved and who loved
his food, his trees and lampposts and gave us many laughs over the years.

Carolynn, David, Tass, Mishka, Oddy and Buzz


Gypsy's Rambling Ivy

Gypsy's Rambling Ivy, UD, EAC-V, CGC.
Dec 2, 1988 to Nov. 4, 2001

Two time reserve "World Champion" weight puller.
Bird Dog
Elite Level Agility Dog
Best Friend and Constant Companion


This picture is Ivy at the age of 3, before epilepsy. The mountains in the
background were what they looked like the night we buried her, the view near
her final resting place as we drove away.

We battled epilepsy since she was six. It was what ultimately took her life
just shy of 13. Between seizures, though, she lived life to the fullest. She
has traveled from Alaska to the border of Mexico and everywhere in between
with us. She has traveled thousands of miles in front of a snow machine,
seeing parts of Alaska some people only dream of. She has run up 3,000 foot
mountains (from elevation of 500 feet) and miles on the Iditarod trail in
the winter. She even got to swim in Liard hot springs in Canada at 10
degrees. We should have named her GoGo! She would go nuts at the sound of a
snow machine or 3 wheeler being warmed up. It meant she would get to run
somewhere! She would try anything we asked of her, go anywhere we pointed
and was afraid of nothing. I don't think another dog will ever be able to
fill her booties.

Cathy and Rod



November 5th 2001

What can I say about Rusty? That's tough to put into words. He came to me in middle age (mine and his), the victim of divorce. His mom, who loved him dearly, lost everything, including her home. She gave him up only because she had no way to keep him. Now that I've lost him too, I understand all too well her pain and her loss. Rusty was truly an angel on earth. He never had an obedience lesson in his life. He never learned "no," "sit," "stay," "down" or "come." He didn't need to. He was born a perfect gentlemen. His manners were impeccable. He always seemed to know, without being told, what he should be doing, and did it. And he never met a creature he didn't love. The only thing he ever did that was a "no-no" was to chew through a leash once, to get closer to me.

I took Rusty and Timmy to a golden retriever specialty in the spring (the show the photo is from) to work the golden retriever rescue booth with me. They were the perfect examples of a rescue golden. The fact that they were epileptic was an "oh, by the way..." and in no way diminished their worthiness. I was so proud of them both. And I just loved letting people know that epi's could and did live good quality lives and enjoye themselves in the process and that Rusty and Timmy were living proof of that. At one point, I tied their leashes to the fence so I could take some photos. And then I tied them to the fence again when it was time to pack up at the end of the day and take down the tent and pack up the cars. In the middle of taking down the tent, I realized Rusty was at my side, moving with me, whichever way I turned. I didn't think anything of it at first. Then it hit me that he had chewed through his leash to get to me. Not to romp around or run off - but to get to me. Timmy followed my every move with his eyes, but for Rusty, I just wasn't close enough. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

Waiting for

Theresa & Timmy

Powwow Marcum

Jan. 31,1999 - Nov. 8, 2001

Forever Free. Happy hunting my brave warrior.
Love eternally mommy, daddy , Cowboy and Patches.




January 1996 - November 15 2001


We brought Kes home at 8 weeks of age on March 11, 1996. She quickly won our hearts with her playfulness and adoring personality. I signed her up for puppy obedience class and later a beginning agility class. She was a great student and always greeted the other dogs around her with enthusiasm and a happy AROOOOO!

Her first seizure occurred on Easter morning, 1997. She was only 14 months old and I had no idea it was epilepsy. As time went on her seizures became more frequent and severe; when I described her symptoms to my vet he referred me to a specialist and after the standard battery of testing she was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy.

Kes lost her fight on Nov. 15, 2001. She was our first beagle and dearly loved by everyone who knew her. She will be remembered and missed forever.


- Waiting for Nancy, Neil, Haley and Daniel





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