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Emergency Document

Example of wording for a small document to be kept in your car or in a prominent place in your house


IN CASE OF ACCIDENT or emergency, PLEASE see that our dogs are cared for.   Please take them to a vet.   All costs will be covered.   Our trust executor, John Doe, has been instructed to pay all costs.   The dogs are not to be euthanized unless competent veterinary advice is that they absolutely cannot be saved.

Maggie, our tan dog, has epilepsy and must have her drugs (15 mg phenobarbitol in the AM and again in the PM) or she will have seizures.   If she has a seizure please give her 6 of the 15 mg pills.   Pills are located in the white pill container on her collar and in the back of the truck.

Thank you for helping our dogs.

Our vet is XYZ Animal Clinic

Phone #

People who will care for our dogs

SafeHaven Humane Society

Phone #

Executor of our Trust:

John Doe



Page last update: 09/04/2011

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