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Canine Epilepsy Video



Korie's video is a 16 minute educational film on canine epilepsy. It shows what it is like to live with an epileptic dog and the different steps that we went through to disgnose this disorder. We show two seizures in the video and discuss medications, breeding considerations, emotions, what might cause epilepsy, etc.

We are very pleased with all of the rave reviews we have received (from around the world) of the more than 500 copies distributed thus far. Dr. Alexander deLahunta from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine said "I want to tell you that it is an excellent production. It is personal and at the same time, very scientific and accurate." Dr. Barbara Licht, Florida State University said "The video not only provides the opportunity to observe a dog having a seizure, but it also illustrates how epilepsy can impact on the lives of the dogs that inherited it and on the owners who love these dogs." We are also excited about the interest that the AKC Health Committee has shown regarding the video.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, please write to Kathi & Roy Dvorak e-mail: The video is available in PAL format too.

We welcome you to read the comments that people have written about Korie's video. They are located at


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